Dog sees the squirrel in the film: Millions of people laugh at his reaction

Dog sees the squirrel in the film: Millions of people laugh at his reaction

A dog, a glance – and everyone can only laugh heartily.

Canada – This curious video is sure to make even dog-crooks laugh!

Dog lady Stella is a soft spot for squirrels. He even has his own squirrels to play with. © Twitter / screenshot / @ stellabella_1

The clip was first published in late January in Mum Bronwyn Crawford’s Tickcock account. There, about 500,000 users were initially surprised by Stella the Dog’s response.

On the recording Golden Retriever Chow Chow mixed breed animals can be seen a documentary on television. The short clip in which a squirrel is seen running through the picture begins close to the television.

The camera then dances to Stella, who seems more than frightened. The woman widens her eyes on the screen.

To make it even more enjoyable, Brunwyn Crawford supported his work with the 80s hit “Sweet Dreams” with Eroticum.

But not only was the TikTok community stunned by the dreaded form of fur noses, but also by Twitter and Instagram users.

So it became fun Animal stories The specialized site WeRateDogs focused on the work in early February and also distributed it on its channels.

"What is the squirrel doing in our room?" The dog lady Stella looks horrified.

“What’s the squirrel doing in our room?” The dog lady Stella looks horrified. © TikTok / screenshot / stellas.mom_

In this way, around 1.8 million users have come together who can laugh openly on video. But why was Bitch Stella’s reaction so funny?

Your mistress talked to us this week Dodo And said of his furry four-legged friend: “He loves to watch squirrels.”

Since the family has a property in Canada where rodents can often be seen, Stella is downright fine on animals. But since squirrels can barely be seen in winter, a replacement for the female was to be found.

So Bronwyn came up with the idea to show Crawford and her husband Stella a documentary in which he could see his beloved squirrel.

“She sat there for about an hour, but still she is sitting in front of the TV waiting for me to turn it on,” Crawford said.

Maybe the Dog Lady just wants to deal with the fact that there are sudden squirrels in her house…

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