Daniela Katzenberger Overcomes “Tattoo Trauma” web.de

Daniela Katzenberger Overcomes "Tattoo Trauma"  web.de

Updated on 06/29/2022 at 10:20 pm

  • Barely 35-year-old Daniela Katzenberger wants to get a tattoo.
  • It evokes bad memories of the “scary eyebrows” that once made “the cat” famous.
  • Husband Lucas is also not excited about the new tattoo.

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Daniela Katzenberger Is Serious: In The New Double Episode Of Her Reality Documentary “Die” Katzenbergers – Family happiness in Mallorca” (RTLZWEI) She wants to implement a long-cherished plan: “For six years I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo”, reveals the “cat”. Not just a purebred As for body decoration, she wants the happy moments to last forever: “I want something that lasts. Always. Such a tattoo.”

But there are two problems: “I think Lucas thinks it’s bullshit. He once said that he thinks it’s great to have a completely tattoo-free wife,” Daniela dislikes of her husband. knows about. And there was something else: “I’m already a little branded when it comes to tattoos,” says the cat and grin. Can’t remember her tattooed eyebrows with which she first appeared on TV. “I was stupid with the brow brows,” laughs Daniela.

But Lucas’ suspicion doesn’t deter Daniela either. “Now that you’re 35, why do you feel like you have to get a tattoo?” He asks his wife when she wants to head to the studio: Daniela, as quick-witted as ever: “Midlife crisis. Let yourself be surprised!”

Husband Lucas Cordalis doesn’t think much about his wife’s plans to get a tattoo.

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Mama Iris supports Daniela

But Daniela does not dare to do it all alone. Mother Eye pupil Come together for support. He has tattoos all over his body and also in the spot that Daniela has chosen: from hand to hand, above the artery of the wrist. Iris Klein is curious about which motif Daniela wants.

He thought about it very carefully: “I want something very small that means a lot to me and where I know the name will never bother me.” Iris: “Mom? Or Lucas?” Daniela shakes her head: “As if I’m tattooing Lucas now! I’ll never get a boy’s name tattooed!” The plan is clear: Daniela will engrave her daughter Sofia’s name. “This is my baby, who lives and she definitely never wants to divorce me.”

But when Daniela sits in the chair in front of the tattoo artist, she panics: “Am I going to die of pain now?” Ask him. The tattoo artist pulls it off. An anesthetic cream is also not necessary as it will only be a small tattoo. Daniela still has to grit her teeth and whispers: “It hurts so much, I enjoy it!” But after a short time the tattoo fades away – and Daniela is very excited: “I think it’s cool! Now I’ve gotten over my tattoo trauma too.”

Daniela is disappointed with Lucas’ reaction

Back at home, Daniela is already expected by her daughter Sophia and her husband Lucas. Daniela wants to make fun of him and says that he has changed his mind. Lucas was relieved: “You didn’t do that? Oh, better! I still thought to myself: Crap, if you can get a tattoo…” But the 54-year-old quickly realized that his wife’s vein getting ripped. “I know you: you’re not a pant crap.”

Daniela is the first to reveal her new tattoo to the one now forever immortalized on her forearm: daughter Sophia. The six-year-old has a full smile on her face when she sees the letter to Sofia: “Dad, that’s really cool!” His response has been far less enthusiastic. He looks at Daniela’s tattoo with suspicion: “It looks like it’s glued on. It doesn’t look real at all,” he complains. Daniela is annoyed: “That’s the slide!” Looking back, “Cat” found her husband’s reaction “quite disappointing”. Lucas probably needs a little more time to get used to it: “That you start all over again in your old age! But the motif is beautiful.”

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In interviews, she let a Freudian slip: “She’s a free-spirited person and she can do whatever she wants…, uh, whatever she wants!” He says with a laugh. But he’s not really against it: “There’s already a symbolism in such a little reminder of the side of the heart that’s awesome.” It seems like a happy ending.
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