Daniela Katzenberger: sexy video in bikini! Suddenly Mama Iris Appears

Daniela Katzenberger: sexy video in bikini!  Suddenly Mama Iris Appears

Daniela Katzenberger: video in sexy bikini – suddenly Mama Iris appeared

This is Daniela Katzenberger

This is Daniela Katzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger has been an integral part of German television since her first TV appearance in 2009.

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Heat, sun, tight clothes. While Germany is ravaged by violent storms, Mallorca’s weather is looking great. It goes without saying that you have to wear the best clothes for this. know that too Daniela Katzenberger and your family.

Cat spends time by the pool with her sister Jenny Frankhauser and mother Iris Klein. This shows Daniela Katzenberger Like in a bikini. It’s just stupid if Mother Iris didn’t notice that the camera is on.

Daniela Katzenberger: hot pics in bikini – Mama Iris grumbles in the background

Since her breast surgery shows Daniela Katzenberger Like his body again. Meanwhile, bikini pictures have surfaced one after the other in her Instagram feed. In fact, she announced that she didn’t want to post any pictures in the tight outfit, but apparently it went unnoticed.


This is Daniela Katzenberger

  • Daniela Dennis Katzenberger was born on 1 October 1986 in Ludwigshafen am Rhino
  • The beautician became a TV star through the Vox programs “Auf Away – My International Diary” and “Goodbye Germany”.
  • She has been married to Lucas Cordalis since June 2016 – the couple has a daughter named Sofia (* 2015)
  • Daniela Katzenberger’s mother Iris Klein and her sister Jennifer Frankhauser also make frequent appearances in various reality TV formats
  • In November 2020 she participated in the singing show “The Masked Singer” with her husband Lucas Cordalis, as a meerkat duet they made it to the finals
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The reality star appears in a red bikini that she borrowed from her sister, Jenny Frankhauser. “Lend me your bikini. Put it back and take it back, I promise,” Daniela Katzenberger writes in a story, standing in front of the mirror.

A day later, she and Jenny Frankhauser introduced themselves to the mirror. Daniela Katzenberger is again wearing her sister’s red bikini and Jenny is wearing a white bikini and a mesh top over it.


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Jenny Frankhauser filmed it in her story, but you can hear a voice in the background: “It looks really cool,” says mama Iris Klein. Daniela Katzenberger begins to laugh: “Mom you can hear”, Jenny Frankhauser thanks her and friend Stefan on camera.

So nothing stands in the way of a relaxing day at the pool. Of course there are pictures of them on Instagram profiles!

Plus nothing stands in the way of Florian Silberesen’s new show. You can find out when it happens here.

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