Daughter Gabriella (6) sitting in a wheelchair

Daughter Gabriella (6) sitting in a wheelchair


15. September 2021 – 9:30 Watch

Instagram photo of Charlene’s daughter Gabriella sitting in a wheelchair

When children are sick, parents suffer too. it should be the same as currently Princess Charlene of Monaco (43) Walk. His younger daughter Gabriella (6) had recently suffered an injury and is currently wheelchair-dependent. The sad thing is that the 43-year-old herself is in poor health and is still in her home country of South Africa to recover. Accordingly, the princess cannot be there and console her injured daughter.

The uproar over the princely house of Monaco is not taking its name to stop

At the moment, things are not looking great for Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife, Charlene. The princely couple has long been in the limelight, particularly in the months of Princess Charlene’s absence and the spatial distance associated with their two young children, which has led to criticism as a single mother. Because the 43-year-old is currently in South Africa and is not allowed to return to Monaco due to health problems.

Now little Princess Gabriella has suffered a leg injury and has been in a wheelchair until recently. Little Gabriella apparently injured her right leg and is now wearing a pink cast. This must have been terrible news for Princess Charlene of Monaco, some 12,000 kilometers away in South Africa.. The princess suffers greatly for not being able to live with her twins Gabriella and Jacques, as she herself said.

Princess Charlene can’t hug her daughter

Little Gabriella isn’t on her own during these unpleasant times, as evidenced by her mom’s latest Instagram post. Her aunts and cousins ​​Princess Caroline and Charlotte Casiraghi take care of the little princess and accompany her to a dog show.

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When a six-year-old was recently allowed to caress two small dogs on her lap, the grief should be forgotten for a while. Nevertheless, she will surely miss her mother dearly. Meanwhile Princess Charlene has faced some criticism: “Family comes first. Enjoy time with your rhinos instead of being with your family in Africa,” writes one angry user. Other followers want to know how Gabriella got hurt: “Oh my god, Gabriella is in a wheelchair, did she fall?” asks a concerned follower. Other moms seem more at ease: “I’m a mom myself, this happens to young kids. They fall and break something quickly. No need to worry, get well soon little Gabriella” . How and where the little princess was injured is not known.

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