Dead Space Remake – New dismemberment system and in-game impressions revealed

Dead Space Remake - New dismemberment system and in-game impressions revealed

Feather Today’s Dev Showcase till dead space remake You can get a preview of what the new version promises the first time around. This includes a brand new disintegration system with which body parts can be separated from the opponent – now even more granular.

As stated in the section, now enemies’ flesh can also be removed, which affects their overall vitality and affects how certain weapons react. For example, some are better at slicing just meat, while others are better at chopping whole parts of the body. In addition, opponents get completely new damage models, with each part reacting accordingly.

Zero-G section is being revised

In addition, the game also discusses a zero-G section, which is also being revised. Players now have complete 360° freedom of movement and drive is off dead space 2for which it has been taken. In addition, new environments to explore and new challenges are promised, which should especially appeal to fans from the start.

dead space remake

on the basis of dead Space However, this has not changed and still focuses on the main theme and characters. But you wish the remake was even stronger dead Space-Anchor the universe and enrich the narrative. To this, Gunnar Wright, the original Isaac voice actor, is committed again.

Of course, the remake is also graphically significant and the levels are rendered with significantly more detail, lighting, shadows, etc. to further enhance the atmosphere. Here are its impressions on these first pre-production screens.

dead space remake ps5

As mentioned, the visuals shown today are from a very early build that is by no means representative of the final game. For the further course of development, one would like to collect feedback from fans and let it flow from time to time.

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that dead space remake Expected to appear in autumn 2022.

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