DEB team fails for first time: Wolfsburg manager Fligoff is still impressed

DEB team fails for first time: Wolfsburg manager Fligoff is still impressed

“We have a salad there,” said Wolfsburg manager Charlie Fligoff with a smile on Wednesday after the final siren of the match between Germany and Kazakhstan. Germany lost for the first time in the fourth game of the Ice Hockey World Cup, winning 3–2, with the surprise team closing out the leaders with seven points. The door to the quarter-finals, which the DEB team opened wide with a 2–1 win against Canada on Monday, is still open – but in the final three preliminary round games it is directly against rivals Latvia, USA and Finland .


However, Fleigauf, who was also the general manager of the DEB team at the time of national coach Pat Cortina since 2014, remains confident: “The starting position for the quarter-finals is still good. There may be something against Kazakhstan, especially after this An emotional game against Canada. ” It is not uncommon to see sand in the gearbox later. The Germans did not disappoint, had to concede 2–2 through an unfair penalty and were out late trying to win. Fligoff is still optimistic about reaching the quarter-finals in this World Cup, which is full of surprises, because “our team is very well staffed, it plays very well. And so far it has made our game really good. Public image provided. “

Grizzly Defender Dominic Bitner Still waiting for the World Cup appearance for Germany. However: He is now licensed just like the other three players who have not played yet. DEB waited in the event that NHL players would still arrive. Now it becomes clear: Superstar Leon Dressital is not coming, but his Edmonton partner Dominic Kahun is coming. Outgoing grizzly Mathis Olimb scored in the Norwegian’s 2–5 against Finland, with Wolfsburg defender Philip Brugisser allowed to play 3–2 later against Great Britain, but again 0–3 against Russia on Wednesday Seen from

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