Design as an Approach: Will Porsche Rediscover Itself at Some Point?

Design as an Approach: Will Porsche Rediscover Itself at Some Point?

design as a way of thinking
Will Porsche rediscover itself at some point?

The Porsche Vision Racing Service was really only for internal use and not for the public. After all it was shown last year. But only from outside. Now the Zuffenhausen-based company is also providing a view of the interior.

In November 2020, Porsche presented 15 previously unknown studies that were developed by the Department of Design between 2005 and 2019. One of the secret projects was the futuristic electric van “Vision Racing Service Concept”, built in 2018 as a hard model in 1:1 format.

Now Porsche is also giving insight into the inner workings of the futuristic vision, which is very unusual for the brand, but which is certainly reminiscent of the upcoming id. Buzz from VW.

The interior is accessed through a huge portal door on the right side of the vehicle, consisting of two elements that swing to the left and right. The generous opening dispenses with an annoying B-pillar, making it easy to get into the three rows of seats. At the front, there is a centrally positioned individual seat for the driver.

usually porsche

In the “Vision Racing Service Concepts” study, the driver’s workplace remains the same as that of a Porsche.

(Photo: Porsche)

Its cockpit has a typical Porsche steering wheel, with a large display behind it, which, however, still shows rounded equipment in the classic analog look. The van is equipped with virtual rear-view mirrors, the camera images of which are projected on large displays to the left and right of the steering wheel.

The driver’s seat can be rotated 180 degrees. Just behind it are two separate sports seats and in row three, there is a continuous rear seat. The latter offers a floating headrest as a special feature, which is supposed to improve the rear view.

Against traditions and thought patterns


The “Vision Racing Service Concept” envisages plenty of passenger space.

The rear seat backrest settles too far into the left side of the vehicle, which reinforces the cocoon effect due to the lack of side windows on the right. Porsche designers have considered touchscreens where side windows are normally located, on which you can surf the net, for example.

Despite the insight now given, the racing service van is still an experimental vision that, according to Porsche, should one day help to question familiar traditions and thought patterns to reinvent the Porsche brand.

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