Developers criticize Paywall’s backwards compatibility

Developers criticize Paywall's backwards compatibility

new playstation plus service, which will also include PlayStation Now in the future, according to Sony, providing access to more than 700 games from previous PlayStation generations. At the same time, there is also criticism that many things are hidden behind a paywall.

This especially applies to PS3 games, which are based on a different architecture than the current console, but this still leads to a lack of understanding among developers, as it is technically and theoretically an emulator on the PS5. It would be possible to offer one that could still play existing PS3 discs. Instead, fans of this generation will have to pay for it again.

For example, developer Dimitris Gianakis writes that while developing a PS3 emulator is certainly possible, only Sony shows no real interest in investing more money here.

Well-known dreamers also point to Lance McDonald Point out that Sony manages to offer a PSone and PS2 emulator for current consoles, but as with all things PS3 they shy away from it, making disc access impossible. Instead, you will be asked to pay again.

Not technically possible?

Digital Foundry’s John Linman also agrees, who considers this strategy to be quite “idiot“, but at the same time it suggests that the PS5 and PS4 may lack the corresponding laser to read the disc. However, others object and point to a software lock on Sony’s part.

It will be difficult to say who is right in the end, as Sony is probably the only one who knows the reasons for this strategy. Among other things, it shows that it is theoretically possible to emulate all last-gen games on the new hardware. RCPS3 Projectwho has already got the respective PS3 game up and running on PC.

The new PlayStation Plus will launch in June 2022.

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