“Diablo II”: The action RPG classic is coming back!

"Diablo II": The action RPG classic is coming back!

20 years later, “Diablo II” is now coming back. Blizzard has revised the classic and also translated it for Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S. The website for the game states: “Marvel at the inhabitants of this world on your PC with revised graphics in Ultra HD and a resolution of up to 4K (2160p) – or rather enjoy the classic style of the original Diablo II with a button.” According to Blizzard it is planned that you can save the game across platforms.

However, each platform used for this requires a Batternet account of “Diablo II: Re-Purified” and separately purchased versions. Blizzard has released a trailer with the announcement of the new version. About six minutes long, also unplanned Gameplay video On the gopher channel.

The classic action RPG has been revised graphics. “Diablo II: Resurgence” has eight people playing together. All players can also be taken on hire with them. The new version is a remake and not a remake. For fans of older games, this means that the classic gameplay has been retained. “Diablo II: Revived” contains all the content from “Diablo II” and its epic expansion “Diablo II: Lord of Destruction”. Monsters, heroes, objects and spells have been optionally adjusted. The game should appear in 2021.

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