Diablo IV: New Details on the Game and Item System

Diablo IV: New Details on the Game and Item System

Shortly before Christmas, Blizzard Entertainment published a new blog entry on Diablo IV and it revealed a lot of new information about the game and item system.

Blizzard provides regular quarterly updates on the progress of Entertainment Diablo IV Keep gamers informed and updated about certain areas and features. Shortly before the end of the year, a related blog entry for the fourth quarter has been rolled out and details the various systems of the hopeful action RPG.

Game Director Joe Shelley and Lead System Designer Joe Pipiora, along with Lead Visual Effects Artist Daniel Briggs, will devote themselves to a range of topics. A really long and very detailed entry provides the first insight into the updates implemented for the item system for legendary equipment. Most Important Innovation: Legendary Attributes can now appear on multiple equipment slots. So if you’re looking for a legendary attribute like a martial art, you can find it on rings, breastplates or helmets. So now you don’t have to go looking for any particular kind of item. It would even be possible to destroy legendary items to extract their properties and transfer them to another rare or legendary item.

In addition, class skills, the character progression system late in the game, and the visual effects of monster slaughter are discussed. Diablo IV will focus more on customizing battles through skill trees and legendary items. Items will be suffixed again to the skill rank to unlock or improve skills with the collected equipment.

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Endgame again relies on a Paragon system, but with one major innovation: the Paragon board is unlocked for each class at level 50 and has countless branched paths in which you can invest points. You can also find glyphs throughout the sanctuary that give an added bonus when placed on the Paragon board.

You can find the entire blog post with examples, pictures and more details Here on the official Diablo IV website,

Diablo IV – Die Jagger Trailer

In a new video, Blizzard introduces the Slayer character class from Diablo IV in detail.

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