Diesel: Daimler is said to have programmed defeat’s devices so cheekily

Diesel: Daimler is said to have programmed defeat's devices so cheekily

The same software expert who tracked down Volkswagen in the diesel scandal has now found eight – yet it must be said – illegal shutdown devices at Daimler. This brings new momentum in the affair.

Spiegel’s report (the article behind it) paywall, Via tageschau.deThis is about a new report from software developer Felix Domke. An approximately 30-page report is available for Spiegel.

Domke already had 2015 Year For Exhaust Gas Scam The responsible lines of code were traced to the part of the VW software that is responsible for controlling the injection of the reducing agent Adblue, which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. In his testing at that time, Domke found that his vehicle operated without exception in the mode in which nitrogen oxides had the highest value.
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shutdown features are illegal

It was only last year that the Election Commission clarified that such shutdown facilities are illegal. Now the specialist has started looking into similar necklace devices at Daimler – after being commissioned by the Millberg Law Firm in the United States. They have filed lawsuits against Daimler in several European countries.

So far, most lawsuits against Daimler in Germany have been dismissed by allegedly affected customers. According to tagesschau.de, about 25,000 owners of diesel vehicles have sued Daimler for damages. In 95 per cent of cases already decided, courts have dismissed complaints. The background for this is that Daimler has yet to prove that the company was doing illegal shutdowns. The courts therefore dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that the claim was made “out of the blue”, according to Tagesschau.de.

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The law firm Milberg has now prepared itself quite well. Domke discovered a total of eight allegedly unacceptable defeat devices in the engine control software of the diesel version at Daimler. He also compared the originally delivered software to the version Daimler is now using. Daimler didn’t land well here.

One of these shutdown devices must always be activated on the road, meaning the car is driven in dirty mode almost the entire time, Domke told Spiegel.de.

The details should now gradually become known.

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diesel, exhaust, exhaust scandal, exhaust
diesel, exhaust, exhaust scandal, exhaust
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