District of Uelzen: Wolf Shooting – Hunter kills animal in Ebstorf area

District of Uelzen: Wolf Shooting - Hunter kills animal in Ebstorf area

A person authorized to hunt by the Ulezen district hunted a wolf with a special permit.

Abstoff – Hunting has been on since October 30, and in the wider area of ​​Abstoff since January 15. Friday to Saturday was a nightly hit. A female from the Abstoff pack was killed, ie a female wolf – not the male GW1027m really wanted. This was confirmed by the district of Ulezen as a customer at Ezel’s request.

The exemption for the shooting, which is limited to 30 June, is currently suspended by the authorities. “If further cracks occur, a careful examination will be conducted to resume enforcement,” said District Spokesperson Martin Thein. The hunt for a woman from the escade-reinmetall pack will continue until March 31.

The carcass of the slain animal was “regularly”, as the district put it, which was briefly recovered by NLWKN, the state agency responsible for water management, coastal and nature conservation, so that it could be genetically modified at the Senbergburg Institute To be examined from. “This investigation will provide information on whether the female animal that was shot was a female dog with identification GW1027m from the Abstorff pack,” informs Dine. The result of DNA analysis is not expected until the end of the week at the earliest.

The fact that an animal other than a male can also be shot was clearly mentioned in the district’s special permit for shooting. “Since the animal has no distinct individual characteristics and therefore a reliable identification of the individual wolf is not without doubt possible when applied to the farm, – as provided by law (Article 45A of the Federal Nature Conservation Act) – An identity can only be based on a spatio-temporal relationship in relation to harmful events, ”Thein explains.

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There were many cattle due to exemption from strict nature protection and the commission of one or more hunters. The male, identified by traces of DNA, had crossed a sufficiently high electric fence and was not restrained by herd guard dogs.

There was a total loss of 70,000 Euros. A dyke shepherd is also affected. “It is also important that the main animals pass on their knowledge of overcoming the fence, for example, to their offspring,” emphasizes Dine.

The area of ​​the Abstoff Pack, which was also the basis for the exemption, includes the monastery Hanstedt I, Natdorff, parts of the communities Eimke and B71 north of Wriedel and B71 via Linden west of the area of ​​the road. , Stadorf and Schwennau to Melzenen. The discount granted in April 2020 initially expired on June 30 without a hit.

The district does not give him any information about the hunter to protect him from attacks, as Thein emphasizes. Only this much: “In this context, the district has ensured that only those individuals are given commissions that meet the relevant legal requirements.”

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