“Do not destroy the place to live” – ​​Luda-Konishofen

"Do not destroy the place to live" - ​​Luda-Konishofen

If we want to get happiness from where we are then what will we get? And when Konrad Bau drives me out of my house on Würzberger Straसेe, where do I find my place because living there has become unbearable?

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No problem for Mr. Kollar and his daughter, but not everyone in this company is lucky enough to be able to go on vacation without worry, for example, or to build a villa abroad.

Children are invited to take a ride in the dig: a strange way of advertising a company which, in my opinion, destroys an entire village with its heavy cargo vehicle and at the same time damages the health of the people It delivers.

Will the children become so rigid and dull by the time they reach the educational age that they can no longer hear the noise and will the destruction of nature and the environment continue?

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What is the habitat for animals, birds and insects, the place of living is for us. Actually, it should not be taken from us nor destroyed. Is it not even in the basic law? The administrative system knows the correct connections and discrepancies.

Will there be accidents including fatalities? Who then feels responsible for this?

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A former cultural place, historically documented Zerlachimes, known beyond the boundaries of Tubertal, as beautiful as it once was, in my view it would not exist any time soon.

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