More mobility in rural areas with Emil

More mobility in rural areas with Emil

WAIDHOFEN / YBBS. Preparations for the Windhaug village bus project have been underway for some time, and the e-bus, a Mercedes e-veto, has now been officially handed over to the “Emile Windhaug” association.

“In rural areas, in particular, it is very difficult and, above all, cost-intensive to provide comprehensive, public mobility options. Through demand-oriented services to minimize motorized individual traffic as far as possible The route is ideal, “insisted WVP Mayor Werner Kramer. There is also not enough public transport in the villages around Wadhofen. One or two cars are necessary here.

Broad mobility concept

This situation should be overcome in future. The city of Vaidehofen has developed a comprehensive mobility concept, with the main train station as its modern mobility hub. Based on this, there are different innovative proposals for the first and last mile. E-gram buses for the districts are part of it. In the official handover, the City Manager said, “I am particularly pleased that we have discovered such a suitable solution for Windhug and I wish the Association a lot of best wishes with the new vehicle.” The vehicle is provided by the city, controlled by the organization “EMIL” Windhag Association.

Become a member

“Emil” Dorfbus is operated by Windhaug volunteer drivers. To be a traveler, you must join the union beforehand. Membership fees are paid once a year, trips that are paid once a quarter. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation is within a 15-minute radius within the municipality and outside the municipality.

“Emile” Operating Time

Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6.30 pm. Kindergarten transport from 7 am to 1 pm. In the afternoon, “Emil” needs based drive. From 7pm, on public holidays and weekends: use by clubs and volunteer drivers.

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Another project in the plan

A similar project is already in the initial blocks for the Konradsim and St. Georges districts. Two districts, including Bachwarisdelung, want a united union for this purpose. The concept is similar to Windhug and is also based on volunteer drivers. This proposal is for trips that are not covered by existing kindergarten and school transport or existing regular bus service. Here, the city also provides an e-vehicle. Ge (h) ni is the name of the association that emphasizes the connection between the two districts of St Georges and Konradsheim by the abbreviation of two local patrons – St George and St Nicholas. The project is currently in the discovery phase.

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