Donald Trump made gross blunders on his last day in office

Donald Trump made gross blunders on his last day in office
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Donald Trump also made one last Fox pace at the very end: the United States inadvertently imposed restrictions on two Italian companies.

Washington DC – Donald Trump probably saved a gross outburst to the end. On its last day in office, the government quickly banned – against the wrong people. In fact, it should be accused of an Italian man who forged trade relations with the state-Venezuelan oil company (PDVSA). Instead, a pizzeria in Verona and a graphic design studio in Sardinia are blacklisted.

Donald Trump approves pizzeria and graphic designer in Italy

In 2019, the Trump administration imposed restrictions on the PDSVA to bring President Nicholas Maduro to his knees and resign. The US accused the Socialists of corruption, human rights violations and election manipulation. Individuals with ties to the Venezuelan government are also affected. On January 19, 2021, Italian restaurant owner Alessandro Bazzoni found out during a visit to his bank that he too had been approved – as he has the same name as the businessman, who presumably had connections in the South American state Huh. “When I heard that my accounts were blocked, I thought it was a joke.” “It is a difficult time for restaurant owners anyway. The last thing I want is blocked accounts. “

Bazzoni solved the problem by entering “its data on a special digital platform of the US government”. He is said to have got a visa by 2023. Sardinia’s studio also confirmed to “The Guardian” that it was affected by the restrictions.

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You can find all the news about the 45th President of the United States Trump news.

America imposes ban on wrong companies

According to an entry US Treasury Department Website From March 31, both the pizzeria and the graphic design studio were removed from the “blacklist”. An official told the Reuters news agency that the agency made a mistake and mistakenly cleared the wrong people.

Bazzoni received no apology, which was “no problem”. “The important thing is that he removed my name from this list,” he told the Italian media. “I thank the new US government for the efficiency with which they interfered.” (Lucas Rogala)

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