Titans Apex Legends More Likely?

Titans Apex Legends More Likely?

The ninth season of “Apex Legends” should please “Titanfall” fans. Game director Chad Grenier does not reveal what it means.

Since “Apex Legends” and “Titanfall” take place in the same universe, many players expect the Titans to make it into a free-to-play Battle Royal shooter at some point. Recently, clues were revealed in the game’s data, with the developer now hinting at the Titans in “Apex Legends”.

Game director Chad Grenier said on a stream, “Next season, season 9, you’ll actually see a lot of Titanfall coming back in one game or another. I’ve told a few people if you’re a fan of Titanfall. Season one. Get ready for 9 because there will be some really cool stuff. ”Elsewhere, however, he also stated that there were currently no plans for the Titans in” Apex Legends “. So it remains to be seen what Season 9 will bring.

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