Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka: A sentence in your farewell post suddenly makes you sit up and notice

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka: A sentence in your farewell post suddenly makes you sit up and notice

Ivanka Trump, daughter of outgoing US President Donald Trump, is leaving the White House. The president’s tone may be a sign of his plans.

  • Donald Trump’s term ends on January 20 at 12:00 pm local time in Washington, DC
  • Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are considered influential advisors to the president.
  • In an Instagram post, she says goodbye to her fans who are expecting a comeback.

Washington DC – “I am proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to the future.” This is a sentence in writing for you Instagram followingWhich raises hope among Trump’s fans. Goodbye to your fans Ivanka Trump Reviewing his time from the White House and as a government advisor. Let it be “Greatest honor” Has supported his father for his life. She describes the last four years “incredible journey”In which he “learned to love” his compatriot.

Did wrong President’s daughter His pathetic writing with three USA flags, which underline the text’s patriotic content. She apparently hit the right note with her contribution: her fans responded with more than 315,000 “likes” and around 17,000 comments (as of January 20, 11am).

Ivanka Trump takes over as advisor to government

In the last four years, daughter of us President With her husband Jared Kushner An important place in the White House. As close advisors to the president, the couple influenced the president’s decisions. But not only her father Donald was convinced by her. More than He has seven million followers on Instagram The 39-year-old worked.

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In the past, photographs and contributions from official events were primarily mixed Trump’s family photos. He skillfully sets her family life On social media platforms. Then on Wednesday she shared the letter, which did not really match her previous posting. No photos, no videos, but lots of text that his fans click on Return back let’s hope.

Ivanka Trump is said to have political ambitions

Concelerate, reflective, almost president Ivanka Trump Thank you letter to his followers for their support. Unlike her father, the president’s daughter survives attacking the successor government under Joe Biden. On the contrary, it demands: “As Americans we must pray for their success”. Does the word honestly mean or is it political calculation?

After a tenure of four years Donald Trump Ivanka must repose herself. Especially in the final months of his tenure, when the Capitol’s violent storm marked the lowest point, the name “Trump” took over. Great lossReported Cnn. It is no coincidence that Donald Trump led the White House with the lowest approval rating since he assumed office. Florida Leaves.

Donald Trump’s plan: Betty Ivanka to be the first US president to take office after him

I am “Sunshine State” Trump recovers from his electoral defeat and paves the way for the future. His daughter Ivanka is to play a central role. In form of Washington Post Reports, adult Trump children are planning to move to Florida. Surrounded by the most loyal supporters of the Trump family, Ivanka’s political future should be one Candidate for senate Starting in Florida. There are reports of the state Trump won in the 2020 election. Washington Post Still loyal RepublicanWho can support Ivanka in her candidacy.

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In any case, Ivanka Trump has the support of her fans: ā€˛First female President (…) Ivanka 2024″. Commentators of these words which are many The “choice” produced is not satisfied with a seat in the Senate. next American presidential election Finds 2024 Instead. ()AFP/Cf)

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