Bad luck in Canada: Bear killed woman and her father

Bad luck in Canada: Bear killed woman and her father

Bad luck in canada
The bear killed the woman and her father

A woman walks to the door of a Canadian forest hut to talk to her father on the phone. He is then attacked by a bear and killed. Why the animal suddenly attacks is a mystery.

A 44-year-old woman died in a bear attack while speaking to her father on the phone in Canada. Police said the woman, along with her husband and two young children, was in a remote camping cabin in northern Saskatchewan when a black bear attacked them. Shortly after being picked up by a rescue helicopter she was seriously injured and declared dead.

The woman went outside the cabin on Lake McKee near Buffalo Narrow to talk to her father on the phone. She told local radio station 650 CKOM that her husband had made some repairs to the hut, which has been in the family for a long time. Then he suddenly sent his nine-year-old son, who was out with him, inside. Later, the father heard the “gurgling” sound for minutes. “The voice was very disturbing. An attack crossed my mind, but it is very rare.”

After a few minutes, the father created a ruckus and tried again. Less than ten minutes later, his son-in-law called and informed of the attack. “He called and said that Stephanie was attacked by a bear. The bear didn’t let him go, so he shot him.” The wife’s husband and two young children, aged two and nine, were unwell. The elder son had to watch the attack.

The family has a habit of keeping bears near their hut. But there is never any problem. “We never leave food lying around or give them a reason to live.” A bear has never been aggressive. “They always run away.” Why the woman attacked the bear is not clear. A policeman told the father that the animal was not hungry. His stomach was full of blueberries. The attack completely originated from anywhere. Police said there have been no fatal bear attacks in Saskatchewan province since 1983. The family has now set up a donation page to support husbands and children.

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