How It Works for Roland and Kathryn in “In All Friendship”

How It Works for Roland and Kathryn in "In All Friendship"

Could There Be A New Dream Couple On “In All Friendship” Soon? More happens between Katherine and Roland…

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25 years tall Catherine and Rowland Feather “All in Friendship” Guys, but now there is a sensation, because both are becoming more and more! For weeks they’ve struggled with their budding feelings for each other, weighing the pros and cons to see if they really want to take their relationship to a whole new level – but so far they’ve only worked with themselves. Has done just that. In the new episode, “Moments”, that changes: they kiss!

In full friendship: Katherine and Roland kiss

Katherine and Roland get closer. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Rudolf Wernicke

Throughout the episode, the two flirt with each other and make ambiguous references. Even Katherine, who had previously been torn between Darren and Roland, treats her good friend more and more as a new partner. When Katherine and Roland meet at the clinic and he compliments her in the garden, the doctor takes the opportunity and explains: “I could really help a little there!”

Also interesting:

To his surprise, Roland agrees and after a while shows up in the countryside. Again a joke breaks out between the two and so Roland finally gathers up the courage and kisses Katherine! “I don’t believe it anymore,” she says later, smiling half in disbelief, half mischievously. “It’s too late”, counters Roland and kisses him again…

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Katherine and Roland: That’s how it goes!

However, a later episode, “Past and Future,” the two are not so convinced about the idea of ​​trying a relationship. “Katherine Globisch (Andrea Katherine Löwig) and Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann) become very close. But both realize they don’t want to jeopardize their long-standing, close friendship,” a photo from the result Said in the caption of.

Looks like the new dream couple at SachsenClinic is out sooner than expected!

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