Joko and Class in the Afternoon: Tips for Living With Nostalgia

Joko & Klaas live am Nachmittag

In fact, it should have been a punishment that Jocko Winterscheidt and Klass Heufer-Umlauf attended the ProSieben afternoon program on Wednesday for an hour to advise interested spectators over the phone. But the longer the special with the subtitle “Your Problem Is Our Obsession” went on, the more you could realize in front of television that the two, who lost to the house broadcaster the previous evening, had fun dropping their mustard.

In fact, Jocko and Klass had plenty of free hand for over an hour, even though ProSieben forced them into the tight corsets of call-on-show. But in a studio setting, in which Linda Zerwakis and Matthias Opdenhovel would clash again in the evening, the two made the best use of the situation—with a mix of seriousness and carelessness, even if the latter clearly prevailed. Like shortly before the end, when Jocko referred to the tabloid magazine “Taff” and Klass made a smug classification with just a few words: “Daily news from ProSieben.”

The nocturnal domian atmosphere between “The Big Bang Theory” and “Taif” could not be expected, which is why the audience’s questions also seemed quite absurd. What she should say to the snake she and her lover wanted to buy, asked a young woman named Jules, to whom Klass first suggested the name Stephen, in order to finally get to the heart of the futility of the matter: “This Won’t come anyway, when you call him. It doesn’t matter what his name is.”

© Screenshot ProSieben
Klass Heffer-Umlauf and Jocko Winterschild had to answer questions for an hour – as expected, things rarely got serious.

Another viewer wanted to know what to give their hated mother-in-law for Christmas. “Poison, for example,” said Klass. He later consulted a caller who was annoyed by the gifts used to break off contact with a friend. And when a young woman wanted to know how she should react to the fact that her brother had recently had a math teacher with whom she once had a fight, Joko and the class had to return for counseling. . “If your brother is really bad at math”, the following class advice, “With some specific information put here and there, you can probably grade a 2.” A different kind of help in life.

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It goes without saying that there was also a time for surprise callers in between. Matthias Schweghofer and Elias M’Berek were each briefly turned into live shows, which at times reminded me of the old “interactive” times of Viva. And even though the show was utter nonsense in the end, it showed one thing: On an afternoon show, surprises can often be greater. You don’t necessarily need Jocko and class for this, but it might be less repetitious to one or the other sitcom.

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