3rd Season “Steals the Show from Me”: One of Them Takes Jocko’s Job! – TV

3rd Season "Steals the Show from Me": One of Them Takes Jocko's Job!  - TV

Once again, presenter Jocko Winterschild (42) had to worry about his job.

Comedian Anke Engelke (56), singer and “The Voice” judge Mark Forster (38), entertainer Ricardo Simonetti (28) and wildcard candidate Dunja (31) opened the third season of “Who Steals Me the Show” Munich. With hooves already on hold for moderation of the quiz show next Tuesday.

Joko in particular was looking forward to this season and was smiling. The studio has been pretty empty so far because of the pandemic: “This is the first time I’ve had a real audience on my show!”

Jocko Winterschild at the limit! Moderator: “Kids, you kill me. If you keep going, I’ll give you the show right away. You don’t have to fight for it, I’m done!”Photo: ProSieben Florida TV Anna Thatt / DPA

However, the audience was more generous to the moderators than their candidates. Anke Engelke’s handling of the show was pure glee: “I would like you to be hurt and angry. I just loved how great it was to see you suffer in the first two seasons!”

And it shouldn’t be long before the first moderator complaint!

Florida TV had revamped the original game ideas, but apparently didn’t think of the presenter’s earring. For “unnecessarily complicated answers”, megaphones were distributed to the candidates – and Mark Forster was already expecting the worst: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”. Still, he was the first to turn on his device and start shouting: “Ass!”

Anke Engelke immediately messed with his megaphone and grumbled at it. Candidate Dunja shouted “hyper, hyper” into the device and the noise level became unbearable. Simonetti was already pitying: “The man is now in such a tone: and I regret the game.” Shortly afterwards he tried his hand at the sound of an annoying siren until Jocko broke his collar. He tried to make himself heard by whistling loudly, then shouted: “Shut up! Husband!”

He was done – suddenly there was silence in the hall. But Joko was already under attack: “Kids, you’re killing me. If you keep going, I’ll give you the show right away. You don’t have to fight for it, I’m done!”

Singer Mark Forster knew the last question - to the lamp of jokos

Singer Mark Forster knew the last question – to the lamp of jokosPhoto: ProSieben Florida TV Anna Thatt / DPA

The real game had not even started then. The answer to the question “what is the name of the smallest generally recognized country in the world” had to be called in megaphone for as long as possible. The one who lasts the longest wins. Then again there was noise and “Vatican” was shouted out loudly until at some point only a loud beep was heard. Jocko’s agony reached its peak: “I was afraid for a while that my eardrums might burst. you make me!”

Candidate Dunza was to compete in the “Walk of Shame” after this round, and Anke Engelke and Ricardo Simonetti also did not make the final. Mark Forster was the one who finally had to compete against Jocko and who got really mad: “With you, you never know how smart you really are.”

At least not as smart as Mark this evening — because when the final question was asked, the “The Voice” judge knew the Michael Jackson song “Beat It” was taken from the album “Thriller.” With this he won and also served as the moderator of “Who Steals Mark Forster the Show” the following Tuesday.


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