Comment: Prince Harry takes parental leave, William looks like he has run out of time

Comment: Prince Harry takes parental leave, William looks like he has run out of time

The year is 2021 and a man is taking parental leave of five months. This in itself is no longer so unusual. but in the case of Prince Harry (36) The royal taking parental leave is completely different. younger brother of Prince William (38) Talks about depression, difficult relationship with his father prinz charles (72) And now he presents himself as a modern father who shows that raising children is not only for his wife, Herzogin Meghan (39), lie. And that’s all.

See these pictures of Prince Harry and his brother after the reconciliation William (38) As you can see in the video above.

Prince Harry sets a good example when it comes to parental leave

According to the government’s simple paternity leave scheme, in Great Britain a father has two weeks of parental leave after giving birth. Kensington Palace is based on it. Harry and his wife may be accused of a clever public relations ploy, but the Duke of Sussex is setting a good example here.

Personal Insight: Baby Lily is growing up so spectacularly in California, as you can see in the following video.

The British royal’s relationship with their children has not always been described as particularly warm. Prince Charles carries it on his body through his father Prinz Philippe († 99) Experienced. In the book “Prince Charles – An Extraordinary Life. The Story of the Eternal Heir to the Throne” Sally Bedell Smith writes: “The Friends Who Spoke with Charles Consensus report that the Duke (Philip, Anm.d.Red.) harshly humiliated and even harassed his son.”

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Difficult relationship between Harry and Prince Charles

In the biography “Philip: The Final Portrait”, author Giles Brandreth claims that the Duke of Edinburgh made no secret of his difficult relationship with Charles. The relationship between Harry and his father, Charles, is also considered difficult. Harry had already indicated in an interview that his father shared his childhood experiences. Harry clearly wants to do it differently and it now includes five months of parental leave.

Parental leave is an important sign. A sign that the British royal family also needs to be modernised. Surveys show that the younger generation in particular is behind Harry and Meghan. William and his wife work there cat (39) A little old: very adapted to the spirit of the monarchy, but far from the reality of life.

Well, as the future king, William has other duties and responsibilities that involve a lot. Responsibility is second. But parental leave of more than two weeks may also be possible for William.

Harry is already a step ahead of him.

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