“Celebrity Big Brother”: Star guest draws straight blank

"Celebrity Big Brother": Star guest draws straight blank

Nosy eases herself into the vortex with “Celebrity Big Brother”.Image: Sat.1


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The grand finale is getting closer and closer, and nerves are sometimes on edge: Under observation on Day 16, “Celebrity Big Brother” turned emotional at times on Saturday evening.

Actress Katie Karenbauer cries like a fox when she reads letters from her loved ones. The 59-year-old grabbed the privilege as he had won a game the day before.

“Oh, that’s good, because it shows they’re not ashamed of me – that’s very important!” Karenbauer sobbed after reading her sister’s words. A friend’s letter even moved her to tears: “It means a lot to me,” said the actress.

Menderes misses Tanja Tisevich

Mendes was sad Saturday evening. He could not believe that Tanja Tisevich was no more. The reality star was voted in by viewers the day before.

Menderes was so concerned that he chose words that made it sound as if something worse had happened to Tisevich: “She always had such a sweet smile, I loved that thing about her”, “DSDS” Asterisk pondered. The 39-year-old made it clear that he had the best of relations with Tisevich.

Rainer (left) talks about his eventful life.

The mood in the garage is gloomy.Image: Sat.1

Jochen Schropp makes mistakes

Moderator Jochen Schropp was almost in tears of emotion on Saturday evening, as he himself admitted. The reason: He couldn’t believe how excited surprise guest Nosy traversed the hallowed “Celebrity Big Brother” halls. “I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Schrop enthused about the Twitch star’s appearance.

In fact, he could not get over the pleasure of meeting the “celebrity wife”. “What a privilege, I’ve followed every season,” revealed the 36-year-old.

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However, moderator Jochen Schropp made a big mistake in the conversation. He introduced the successful YouTube format “7 vs. Wild” featuring Nossey, saying:

“You’ve developed this idea a little bit more for yourself. ‘7 vs. Wild’ is your format going through the roof like crazy.”

Feather social media The announcement caused consternation, as Schrop was suggesting that Nosy had invented “7 vs. Wild”. But this is not true, the idea for the show came from Fritz Meineke. Nossey corrected the show directly: “It’s not my format, it’s a friend’s format.”

Surprise Guest Draws Nosy Blank

Afterwards, he not only went shopping for the residents at Penny Supermarket, but also met them all personally at the garage, where they had gathered for the occasion.

“You each make a great impression, you don’t need to worry,” Nossey explained. He then proceeded to explore the loft, which was empty at the time.

Once there, the network star didn’t hesitate, but stripped down to her underpants to jump into the whirlpool with a glass of champagne. “Thank you so much for letting me experience this!” he said enthusiastically. He gladly accepted the wet underpants.

Rainer (left) talks about his eventful life.

Nosy strips down to his underpants.Image: Sat.1

Team Loft loses the game – because of Doreen

Singer Doreen Steinert felt the less beautiful sides of the “Celebrity Big Brother” existence on Saturday. During a group game in the studio, the loft dweller made a fatal mistake.

In the game “Wine Tasting” celebrities Carrying a red liquid several meters into a large bowl with glasses on their hands, feet and head. The team that collects the most liquid in the allotted time wins.

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Indeed, the victory may have been minor. However, because Steinert held Team Loft’s bowl while emptying a glass, a good sip of the collected liquid spilled out. Result: Team Loft clearly lost to Team Garage.

“I’m so sorry!” Steinert made the announcement shortly after the end of the game and almost didn’t want to end it with her apology. Other residents apparently took the breakdown in stride.

The second hammer for the singer came a little later: Along with Karenbauer, he received the most nominations Saturday night. of garage dwellers. On Sunday both have to tremble: they are threatened not to vote.

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