“My good days”: Carmen Geiss indulges in bikini memories

"My good days": Carmen Geiss indulges in bikini memories

“My Good Days”
Carmen Geiss indulges in bikini memories

She was once “Miss Fitness”. And you can see what Carmen Geiss has posted of herself on the snapshots now as well. The 56-year-old is still not sad. Although she has a few pounds more on her ribs today, she has two kids and she definitely has a Rubiert.

Carmen Geis doesn’t reveal when the photos actually come from. But they probably come from a time when she was still working as a fitness trainer and was even named “Miss Fitness” in 1982. Yes, this was probably a period in her life when she was not yet married to Robert Geiss. Finally, he didn’t give her a yes until he was in his twenties in 1994.

You can see snapshots of Carmen Geis’s early years in a post on her Instagram page. In total, she published three photos that allegedly showed her on a beach vacation. He is depicted alone in two pictures. The third, slightly out-of-focus photo shows another woman who is unclear who it is.

“10 kg lighter”

But no matter what, after all, the focus should be entirely on Carmen Geis. “I was afraid of water before,” she wrote in her commentary, considering the fact that she dared to go into the water only in the bank area. “My good days when I (editor: was) 10 kg less”, she says in English. There was no Photoshop at that time, she says, decorated with smiling smileys. “But now I am a mother and I am very happy” (“But today I am a mother and I am very happy”), she says at the end.

And she is not only the mother of daughters Davina Shakira (born 2003) and Shania Tyra Maria (2004), but also, of course, the wife of millionaire Robert Geis. In other words, he really has every reason to be happy and content in the world. Even 15 or 20 kg could not move him. But it’s not that much, is it?

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