Dortmund: New series on Westenhelweg delivers sweet rarity

Dortmund: New series on Westenhelweg delivers sweet rarity

In July a new shop opened on Westenhelweg near Dortmund’s Thier gallery. There you can buy colorful stuff from all over the world.

Dortmund – The “House of Sweets” confectionery shop has opened its doors in Dortmund on 9 July. It follows a series of new openings and closings at Westenhellweg last year. The candy shop is headed directly into the building next to Thier’s Gallery. They sell sweets from all over the world that cannot be found in regular German supermarkets.

Business sweet house
things Importing sweets from all over the world
Know Westenhelweg 108, 44137 Dortmund
opening time Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

House of Sweets in Dortmund: new store next to Thier gallery

Interestingly, in October last year, the confectionery shop “Fisher’s Sweet Shop”, located in the basement of the Thier-Gallery, surprisingly closed. A shop with a similar concept to House of Sweets, but only for American gifts.

Bright, bright colors and shop window prints in pop art designs ensure that the House of Suites at Westenhellweg 108 is hard to miss. The interior is just as colorful: the store’s floor is divided into rainbow-colored squares and loud hip-hop music reverberates through the store. The cash register is directly in front of the front door and to the left and right of the walls are tall shelves filled with colorful candy wrappers.

The most popular sweets from around the world can be bought here: Timtam Biscuits from Australia, American Twizzlers from Mexico and Takis Fuego (Fiery Chili Chips) There is a small selection of products on offer. There are also two fridges with soft drinks in the back of the shop.

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Prices reflect that all products had to be imported and are based on House of Sweets’ online shop. For example, a 180g pack of Takis Fuego costs 5.99 euros.

This is what it looks like: the house of the suites next to the Thier gallery in Dortmund.

© Katharina Kuper / RUR24

House of Sweets in Dortmund: the idea behind The Candy Shop

Behind “House of Sweets” are three young men. The idea for the concept came to him as he traveled a lot and tried typical local snacks. You don’t get much of it in Germany.

So Sahim Gulsahim aka “Sugar King”, Tahir Gulsahim aka “Choco Hero” and Deniz Karadag aka “Mr Sweet” decided to bring a taste of the world to Germany. First in Braunschweig in 2018 and now in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig – and now in Dortmund. The “House of Sweets” in Ruhr Park Bochum is yet to be found – but customers are delighted with the opening of an international fashion brand.

List of Rubrics: © Kirsten Pfister / RUHR24

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