Dragon Quest Treasures coming to Nintendo Switch on December 9th

Dragon Quest Treasures coming to Nintendo Switch on December 9th

Square Enix announces new RPG treasure hunt adventure dragon quest treasures Will be released worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022. dragon quest treasures has a new spin-off Dragon QuestThe series follows the childhood adventures of siblings Eric and Mia, who made their first appearance in Dragon Quest XI: Armed Forces was.

Players take on the role of Eric and Mia who explore a treasure hunter’s paradise where endless adventures await. Treasures can be hidden in the most inaccessible places, so players must recruit a variety of friendly monsters and use their unique treasure-hunting abilities. These fascinating creatures help them cross open plains, scale rocks in a single jump, and glide across ditches. They also aid in battles against rival treasure hunters. Collecting treasure increases players’ vault value, allowing them to expand their home base and strengthen their brigade of friendly monsters.

About Dragon Quest:
DRAGON QUEST is a famous RPG series developed by Yuji Hori and loved by millions of people in Japan and around the world. The first DRAGON QUEST was released in 1986, and the game made its US debut in 1989 as DRAGON WARRIOR. The critically acclaimed series has sold over 84 million copies worldwide and includes 11 main series titles, several spin-off games, as well as movies, anime, novels, manga, merchandise, and more. The popular DRAGON QUEST series celebrates its 36th anniversary this year and holds several Guinness World Records, including longest running Japanese role-playing game series.”

dragon quest treasures Available for Nintendo Switch on December 9th. Check out the official Dragon Quest website and social media channels for more information.

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