Hours of failure of various Apple services

Hours of failure of various Apple services

Among other things, the Apple Music, App Store, and iTunes Store go out for hours in the evening. The disruption to various Apple services was resolved after just two hours.

The App Store logo can be seen on the screen. Photo: Fabian Sommer / DPA © Fabian Sommer / DPA

An hour-long failure of critical online services caused problems for Apple customers on Monday.

Among other things, the App Store, streaming services Apple Music and Apple TV+ as well as the podcast platform and iTunes Store were not accessible to download various content, as the iPhone Group’s System Status page showed. The disruption was resolved more than two hours after the first user report.

There was initially no official information on possible causes. According to information from financial services Bloomberg, Apple explained the disruption internally with DNS problems. The DNS (Domain Name System) system ensures that computers are associated with web addresses. DNS configuration errors are often the cause of disruptions.

Group employees also affected

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s internal systems were also disrupted, meaning some of the company’s employees were also unable to work. Apple’s e-mail service, map service and iMessage chat service at times did not work for users.

Disturbances of online services usually occur infrequently, but several hours of failure of multiple systems is unusual for Apple.

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