Jenny Lang raves about her new boyfriend Darius

Jenny Lang raves about her new boyfriend Darius

jennifer lange (27) Happiness does not make the secret of their love anymore! In the past few weeks, the former lady mangold (34) repeatedly questionable solidarity with musicians Darius Xander (37) saw. Fans have long been convinced that there is more going on between the two than friendship. Correct Officially Pre Confirmed Single-The girl’s relationship isn’t there yet – but it couldn’t be more clear than it is now. jenny net about him Section.

“Thank you for bringing so much ease to life even in difficult times”brunette writes to you instagram-Boomerang Videos. In the picture, the beauty smiles slightly at the camera – while the bearded man hugs her from behind and hugs her lovingly. The alleged lovers apparently enjoy a short break in nature and have plenty of time for themselves.

Another detail that indicates a relationship: Jenny already indirectly describes Darius as “her husband” in her story. During a hula hoop session with the 37-year-old, she laughs and tells her female fans: “Ladies, you have to teach your men to Hularn. This is complete madness.”

Jennifer Lange and Darius Xander in July 2021
Darius Xander and Jennifer Lange in July 2021
Darius Xander
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