Independent repair shop repairs Model 3 for $700 – $16,000 by the dealer . asked for

Independent repair shop repairs Model 3 for $700 - $16,000 by the dealer .  asked for

A Tesla driver was stunned when an authorized workshop estimated the cost of repairs to be half the car’s value. An independent workshop did a fraction repair. Now the owner of the car is threatened with sanctions from the manufacturer.

Genuine parts and authorized repair shops have a reputation for being expensive – in this case, the one that happened in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, is very expensive. lessee of one Tesla The Model 3 took off road debris that damaged the battery pack’s cooling system. The Tesla Service Center found that the battery had to be completely replaced – Cost: approximately US$16,000. The other bad news was that comprehensive insurance did not cover damage caused by road debris. So the owner should personally bear the cost. Then he went in search of an alternative path and found the independent workshop “Electrified Garage”. He solved the problem with a brass fitting and only charged $700.

Coolant line inserted into battery pack

A coolant line that is firmly integrated into the bottom of the battery runs under the Model 3. A connection nipple connects the cable to the battery pack. This nipple was ripped off by flying stones, forcing coolant out of the system. Tesla Workshop said the part was inserted into the outer shell and that the battery pack could not be serviced at a standard service center. So he has to swap out the whole package for a new one.

There was damage to a connector which the mechanics replaced with a brass fitting. (Screenshot: Rich Rebuilds / The Drive)

Fate: The cooling system doesn’t get so hot

The independent workshop looked at the damage and came up with another solution. She could have chosen it because the cooling system works neither with very high pressure nor with high temperature. In normal operation, about 0.14 bar is sufficient, with pressure test procedures ending at one third of a bar. In addition, the cooling system does not have to withstand nearly as high a temperature as an internal combustion engine. According to the mechanics of electrified garages, the operating temperature of a lithium-ion battery is typically below 60 °C. He cut out the broken nipple, cleaned the area, cut a thread into it, and screwed in a brass connector from the hardware store. The cost of materials for the component was $15.

Quality and quality of hardware stores

Mechanics are not too concerned about the quality of the misused component. Observers point out that the manufacturer has also made hardware store quality imitation wood in new vehicles. Also, the pre-existing flange was probably of lesser quality if it cracked so easily. It makes them wonder why Tesla has firmly integrated the apparently sensitive part into a non-serviceable battery case.

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Tesla may discontinue a repaired Model 3

After the customer has brought the car back to working condition, there is a risk of further trouble. The automotive company has mentioned the acceptance options on its website. There it says, for security reasons, Tesla reserves the right to permanently block access to the Supercharger charging network for vehicles repaired by third parties. Given the leasing contract, however, the parties recognize that the electric car pioneer will not pursue this option.

Tesla could not be reached for comment because the US company has closed its public relations department.

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