Eleven Mistakes You Make When Roasting Meat

Eleven Mistakes You Make When Roasting Meat

The meat should be juicy and tender. But sometimes this position just doesn’t want to reach and feels like you’re chewing on the soles of your shoes. Because even the most expensive and best piece of meat is worthless if your grilling skills have a problem. If you avoid these eleven mistakes, not only will the smell of grilled meat take you to seventh heaven, but it’ll take a bite.

Mistake 1: You don’t value the quality of the meat

Whether at a discounter or an organic farmer: You decide where you buy your meat. You can find high quality and suitable grilled food at a butcher shop or at your trusted meat counter. Plus, the staff can give you quick advice on which variety goes best with your barbecue evening and how to prepare it better.

2. Mistake: The Meat Is Too Lean

If you prefer lean meat exclusively for health reasons, you have to expect that it can quickly become tough. Because the higher the fat content, the lower the risk of drying out while grilling. When buying it is best to choose cereals with a light fat content; They remain juicy and delicious. A thick rim also protects the meat from drying out – it is cut only when serving.

As always, it depends on the degree: excessive fat inclusion can in turn lead to fire sources burning the meat.

Mistake 3: You leave meat in the fridge for too long

Do not put the meat on the grill until it reaches room temperature. Otherwise the quality may suffer a great deal. On the other hand, refrigerate poultry, minced meat patties and fish for as long as possible.

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4. Mistake: You Put It on the Grid Too Early

Even if you can’t wait: It’s better to fire up your meat later than before. In the beginning, grill temperatures vary greatly and your meat may not cook well.

When is the optimum grill temperature of embers?

When you grill with charcoal, the thing is that a fine layer of ash covers the charcoal. Brave people put their hands ten centimeters above the embers and count down to ten. The right temperature is reached when you have to pull it to seven because it gets too hot.

Mistake 5: You turn the meat too many times…

Do you like to stand next to the grill all the time and turn your meat so it doesn’t turn black? Better not: turning the meat too often can dry out the meat. Twist it as short as possible, no more than four times, sausage only once. So that it reaches the same amount of donations everywhere, you always do it at the same time intervals.

6. Mistake: … and with a fork

When you check the state of the marinade with a fork, you make holes in the meat, allowing juices to leak out and the result to be dry and chewy. It’s better to invest in barbecue tongs or a barbecue thermometer, or check the readiness of your meat with a hand test ball.

7. Mistake: You’re Seasoning Your Meat at the Wrong Time

You’ve done everything right so far, but your marinated meat is still dry? Then it can be seasoning time, because if you reach for the salt just before grilling, the meat will lose its juices on the grill. If, on the other hand, you marinate it hours in advance—professionals even recommend leaving the marinade on the meat in the refrigerator for twelve to 24 hours—this also removes the juices, but the meat re-absorbs it.

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In addition, many marinades contain sugar or honey, which quickly caramelizes and burns your meat. In this case, you can season the meat in the middle or, if in doubt, after frying. In general, marinade is used more for marinating pork, chicken and lamb, while fine pieces of veal or beef are best enjoyed in their natural state.

8. Mistake: You are using the wrong oil…

The large selection of oils in supermarkets is not only used to alter flavor, but exists because not all edible oils can withstand high temperatures. Because every oil has a different smoke point: Cold-pressed oils like flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil start smoking at 130 degrees. From this point, dangerous substances can be generated. Therefore olive and rapeseed oil, peanut or grape seed oil are more suitable for grilling.

9. Mistake: … or too much

Basically, you shouldn’t put too much oil on your grill: if oil or fat drips from grilled food and burns, smoke is generated, which can be harmful to health. If you want to reduce contaminants, it is best to place any grilled food that contains fat or oil not on a grid directly above the heat source, but on a tray that captures the fat – such as an aluminum tray. but…

10. Mistake: You Grill Marinated Meat in an Aluminum Tray or Foil

… The aluminum ions contained in disposable trays may transfer to grilled food, especially in the case of salty or acidic foods such as pickled meats, pickled cheese or salmon prepared with lemon. In large quantities, aluminum is suspected to be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer, and in damage to the nervous system.

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Therefore: Do not grill salty or sour food directly over a heat source or, if so, it is better to use a reusable ceramic or stainless steel grill pan. If you still do not want to do without aluminum, pat the marinade well in advance and add salt afterwards.

Mistake 11: You Eat Your Steak Right After You Grill

Even if it’s ready to eat now, you shouldn’t eat a steak immediately after grilling. Only after about five minutes does the liquid redistribute in the meat and it is nice and juicy.

(L’Escential / Sonja Siegenthaler)

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