Illegal mining farm likely in FIFA Ultimate Team with PS4 console

Illegal mining farm likely in FIFA Ultimate Team with PS4 console

of Michael Miskulin
The illegal mining farm, which was discovered a week ago in Ukraine, did not dig for Ethereum, but used around 3,800 Playstation 4 consoles to generate coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

about a week ago illegal mining farm excavation, where thousands of consoles and hundreds of graphics cards were in use. At first it was still unclear what exactly the 3,800 Playstation 4 console was being used for. Instead of mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum, the mining farm was used in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, as it has now become known.

FUT. The processor and graphics card control the automated bots in

Ukrainian website The Ukrainian domestic secret service Sluschba beskey relies on information from Ukraijny (SBU) and reports that the operators of the “mining farm” had an unusual monetization strategy in mind. They used 50 processors and over 500 graphics cards to control about 4,000 Playstation 4 consoles. For example, countless games can be played with bots in the game FIFA 21 in Ultimate Team Game Mode (FUT) to generate the in-game currency of FUT coins. These coins, in turn, were used to invest in loot boxes to capture rare and valuable FUT players, or to sell FIFA accounts completely equipped with the coins.

Cryptocurrency: Farmer runs a mining farm with cow dung

After the illegal mining farm was tracked down, it was assumed that the PS4 console was being used to mine Ethereum. Although the computing power of a PS4 system with 1.84 teraflops is not very high, 8 GByte of video memory can achieve high transfer rates of 176 Gbyte/s. Obviously, however, operating as a FUT coin farm has proven to be more profitable.

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they: (Via golem)

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