Dreams buried in the last dream due to a mistake

Medal dreams were buried in the last corner due to a mistake - 5th place for Vanessa Herzog over 500 meters

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It did not want to be. Austrian figure in speed skating, 2019 world champion, overall world cup winner And several European champions, Vanessa Herzog, remained at the individual distance world championships in Heerenveen for a parade discipline of over 500 meters without a medal.

The election candidate was 37,855 in fifth place, 71 hundred behind the new world champion Angelina Golikova from Russia. Silver went to Femke Coke from the Netherlands, bronze was awarded to Olga Fatkulina from Russia.

“It’s a shame, because there was so much in the race. Herzog said the snow was not super fast today and the fifth place is not a drama in the World Cup, but I am incredibly disappointed because I really wanted a medal. She started the competition really well with 10.3 seconds left and still finished third after 100 meters.

“The start was very good, the fastest in my career,” said the 25-year-old who was Austrian Sportswoman of the Year in 2019. He completed the back well, but made a serious mistake in the final corner. “I tightened the corner and then put a lot of pressure in the middle. The results were two wrong and the medal hunt was over ”, analyzed Herzog, who declared himself world champion at this distance two years ago.

“Gold and silver were definitely beyond my reach, but I could say one at the Battle of Bronze,” Herzog said. In the end, she was four tenths short of third, held by veteran Russian Fatkulina. For the men, the gold medal went to Laurent Dubruil of Canada, with the team in pursuit of two World Championship titles going to the Netherlands for both men and women on Friday afternoon.

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Tomorrow, Saturday, is a day of great battle for Austrian athletes, as Herzog will have to travel 1,000 meters again. Gabriel Odor, Natalie Kersbaummay and Katrina Thien made their world championship debut in a collective debut in the Austrian racing suit. The competition is divided into two parts. Of the 24 athletes, 16 qualify for the evening finals with two semi-finals. A total of 16 laps are waiting in the heat, with every fourth lap a point sprint. As a result, the points are then ranked before the run-in period, with the top six of the final sprint again countered as well. To advance to the finals, three red-white-red athletes must be in the top eight of their runs.

500 m women:

1. Angelina Golikova (RUS) 37.141
2. Femke Coke (NED) 37.281
Olga Fatkulina (RUS) 37.455
5. Vanessa Herzog (AUT) 37,855

500m Men:
1. Laurent Dubruil (CAN) 34.398
2. Pavel Kulizhannikov (RUS) 34.540
3. Floating Mount (NED) 34.628

Women Tracking Team:
1. Netherlands 2: 55.795
2. Canada 2: 55.973
3. Russia 2: 59.358

Team Tracking Men:
1. Netherlands 3: 41,429
2. Canada 3: 41.711
3. Russia 3: 42.662

Saturday 13 February 2021

1:50 am. The massive semi-finals start with women (with Natalie Kerschbaummayr and Katharina Thien)
2:30 PM. Massive Semi-Final Men (with Gabriel Odor)
1,000m Women (with Vanessa Herzog) at 3:10 pm
1,000 m men at 4:00 pm
4:55 pm. Mass Start Final Women
Mass Mass last male start at 5:10 pm

Sunday 14 February 2021
1,500m women at 12:30
1,500m male (with Gabriel Smell) at 1.30pm
5,000 meters women at 2:30 p.m.
10,000 m men at 3:35 pm

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Press release Austrian Speed ​​Skating Association


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