Bad Hair Day: American woman used spray glue instead of hairspray

Bad Hair Day: American woman used spray glue instead of hairspray

40-year-old American Tessica Brown gained tremendous notoriety on short notice on social media when she clicked TIC Toc Reported a dramatic accident: as she ran from the hairspray, she took a gorilla glue spray adhesive. He was in January. After that, she suffered from the results for weeks – the hair, scalp and gum had become inseparable.

In search of her need and help, a Louisiana woman described the play in a video and Published it: “Bad, bad, bad idea,” she said in tears. “My hair has been looking like this for about a month. I did not choose to do so. «More than 30 million people saw his call for help on Tiktok, countless more on Instagram Twitter.

Tesica Brown was bombarded with sympathetic but critical comments. And he got a lot of advice – from oil to apple cider vinegar to acetone. But none of this helped.

As if the peak was getting crooked

This week, a plastic surgeon from Los Angeles was able to end the misfortune by treating the woman’s skull for several hours with a self-made solvent. “It was a great relief,” Brown later said in an interview.

When she wanted to get ready in a hurry and her hair ran out, she looked for a replacement and searched for the bottle with “Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spray”. It is a polyurethane adhesive, which is actually intended for wood, metal, ceramic or glass.

Tesica Brown didn’t think anything of it. Or simply she will wash it again when she comes home that night. Which did not work then. Instead, it felt like her braid was getting tighter and tighter. Eventually she went to the emergency room, where nurses began acetone treatment.

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“It kept on burning until my heart beat became so fast that we had to stop,” she said. A nurse told him that the treatment would take 20 hours. He should continue it at home with the help of his mother and sisters. But this method also made very little progress.

The surgeon eventually offered to treat her for free. As he told US tabloid magazine »TMZ« said, He made an agent composed of medical adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and some acetone to dissolve polyurethane and first tested it on an artificial scalp with real hair. They then gave the patient a mild anesthetic. The application “went well”. Tesica Brown would have been lucky to not have been more seriously injured on the skull, save for some burns from her previous attempts for chemical treatment. They should now undergo other scalp treatments to prevent their hair from falling out.

When asked by the New York Times, a Gorilla Glue spokesperson did not want to comment on whether, given Tesica Brown’s experience, it was necessary to put “hair” on the list of prohibited uses of Gorilla Gliss adhesive spray. She said the company was pleased that Ms. Brown treated her and that “we hope she is well.”

He would have worn a better hat

The 40-year-old who works in childcare likes to save himself this experience. According to media reports, if she can change the time again, it would be better to wear a hat that day.

She probably regrets a bit on her video on social media. She was not prepared for the reactions she received. His children were also ridiculed in school for his audacity. On the other hand: “Even if I hadn’t posted it, the stuff would have been on my head.”

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