Canada: Chinese restaurant in Montreal scores with anti-advertising

Canada: Chinese restaurant in Montreal scores with anti-advertising

Finang Fei says to like it: “We are not yet satisfied with the taste and it will get better soon,” the owner of Aunt Dai restaurant wrote about the chicken dish in his menu. And “PS: I’m surprised that some customers still order this plate.” Montreal In Canada The distinguished Chinese appreciate this honesty, The British newspaper “Guardian” reports.

Been a guest since Twitter Enthusiastic about the menu and received tens of thousands of likes, the Chinese restaurant near the art museum is experiencing a rush:

Former IT technician Feigang Fei immigrated to Canada 14 years ago and opened his restaurant seven years ago. He was initially disappointed when the guests returned their dishes without eating them, he told the newspaper. “Some customers who did not try to cook some dishes were surprised by the heat or the texture.” Realistic Description (“Owner’s Comments”) All the dishes on his menu:

“Compared to our General Tao Chicken, it’s no good,” he comments on the orange beef. “Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of North American Chinese food, and it’s your choice.” In another comment he warned, “Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not authentic Chinese food.” It is fried, it is very dry.

“No more chopsticks”

Other details tell more about the dishes and praise them: “This plate can show you what Chinese cuisine can do with our beloved potatoes in addition to French fries, puree and chips,” Fei writes, “Potatoes Julian Dish “Great” is popular in China. Another potato and beef dish was one of his favorite dishes at the university: because of Tò D Niu Niú Ròu, “I gained at least five pounds, but it sparked a lot of memories”. The version on her card is good, but very different from what she loved.

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A cumin and beef dish was served as a shish kebab on a chopsticks. However, “Some customers cut their lips on this because they felt it was some hard ingredient. (They may have seen some weird Chinese food shows.) To avoid incidents like this, stop using chopsticks, “He writes. The court was” to be recommended in any case “.

Feigang Fei told the Guardian that his guests appreciated his honest description. “We don’t have a particularly excellent dish, something that reflects the talent of the chef. Our food will always be good, but we are not just the best. Well, maybe a little above average. However, the restaurant operator plays with quality. Users of Canadian news broadcaster CTV have chosen Aunt Dai as the best Chinese cuisine in Montreal.

Aunt Dai is currently closed due to the epidemic and only provides takeaway and delivery. But Fei has other guests on the second floor of his restaurant: in “Club Antadai” other expatriates can take French and English lessons and exchange ideas. “Many immigrants come to this country,” he said. “I have seen for the first time how many opportunities are missed because someone is very shy. I wanted to change that. “

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