Drive certified G400 in Canada

Drive certified G400 in Canada

The approval of the Gulfstream G400 clears a significant hurdle: engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada reports type certification of the PW812GA by Transport Canada, the Canadian aviation authority.

In October 2021, Gulfstream Aerospace unveiled the G400 alongside the G800 in Savannah, Georgia. The PW812GA, now approved by the Canadian Aviation Authority, was chosen to power the twin-engine G400. The turbine has been tested for over 3400 hours, including 260 hours in flight. Pratt & Whitney Canada advertises the PW800 in a press release as “the most modern, most efficient and most environmentally friendly engine in its class”. According to the manufacturer, it relies exclusively on sustainable and high-performance technologies, which should lead to significant improvements in fuel consumption, emissions, maintenance lag and noise. The PW800 shares a common core with the Pratt & Whitney GTF commercial jet engine, which has accumulated more than 2.2 million flight hours since its debut in 2016, it says.

“We have worked closely with Transport Canada to develop an efficient and thorough certification process that has successfully led us to this point,” said Maria Della Posta, President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. “When it enters service, the G400 will be the third Gulfstream aircraft to be powered by our PW800 engine family. We are pleased with the continued progress that the PW800 engine family is providing with the ability to deliver new levels of performance and efficiency . Range of receiving widebody aircraft.” The Gulfstream G500 powered by two PW814GAs entered service in September 2018, followed by the G600 powered by the PW815GA in August 2019.

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The G400 has a range of 4200 nautical miles (7778 km) with a long-range cruising speed of Mach 0.85. Three layouts are offered with options for up to nine, eleven or twelve passengers.

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