Dylan Vruck dancing with Puck

Dylan Vruck dancing with Puck

March 20, 2021, 10:04 am.

ice Hockey Even in a poor season for the Falcons, top scorer Dylan Vrac shines with elegance and effectiveness. It goes without saying that everyone wants to keep the 28-year-old German-Canadian in Hellebron.

Light-Footed, Elegant, Effective: Falken’s top scorer Dylan Vruck has almost always kept his head up, and the observations he has received simply make better decisions than others.

Photo: Mark Schimmerbeck

If Bill Stewart has no idea, who will please? Canadian Surprise, digs through her memories. Saves impressions. Then says, “I don’t know.” Heilbronner Falken Koch, an old hand, has no idea what his best player, Dylan Wrack, can improve. More accolades are not possible given the state of the team, which was last in the table for large parts of the season. And: Stewart always speaks plain language, wounds his finger. Even in public. Motto: If you’re not good, you’re out. It is simple with that.

The last time it installed goalkeeper Matthias Nemec, who was still not in the team two days later after a mixed performance on Tuesday. As long as someone else could do better, the coach knows no mercy. But far better than Vrac: not possible. Hardly anyone else comes close to German-Canadians. Not in a team. Even in DEL 2 there is very little play on only one level. He has collected 64 scorer points in 42 games so far, producing far more hits (47) than shot (17).

Managing Director Stephen Rapp is thrilled with that

Even though the 28-year-old probably no longer scores 88 points from last season, which makes him the top scorer and player of the year, his performance in the brutal round for his team is only more notable. No matter how bad the Falcons are: Delon Wreck has lost nothing of effectiveness and elegance in his second year in DEL 2. “Despite this difficult situation, he is attractive, he still shows the same energy and enthusiasm. He also inspires her in her work,” says Stephen Rapp, managing director of Falcane.

If you see Vrak playing, you realize that nothing can harm him. It almost looks easy as he guides the puck, positioning himself in a confined space. Always with your head, to see everything, the secret to the perfect pass opportunity. At just 1.75 meters, he actually suffers a loss, but he compensates for this lack of physical presence with his high game intelligence.

Ice hockey has always been a sport for him

He knows: what is expected of him. He still always gave. Under a lot of pressure. “As an athlete, you should enjoy this pressure,” Vruk says. “When it comes to doing something, it’s always fun. I need it.” For Iserlohn, a Canadian-born specialist playing in DEL for Cologne and Strobing, ice hockey is a sport. Even when it became his work, it always remained like this: a game. “Only when I treat it can I do my best.” He shows his respect for the game.

This is only part of its mystery. Another: his great talent. “No matter how hard you work, if you don’t have the skills, it won’t do you any good,” says Stewart. Dylan brings Vrak to both: talent and determination. A trainer will like someone, a role model, someone who makes hardly any effort and still always knows what to do. Wruck is a very effective player. A difference player. From the head too. “He doesn’t allow any negative feelings in the game, he never gives in,” Stewart says. Not to break up. A Duracell Bunny tells Nemec about teammates.

Wruck: The only data that matters is team data

Vrak gives himself to the game, he is sympathetic. “If you’re confident, it slows the game down a bit. Then you can get there in big moments.” So this is not about their own statistics: “The only data that matters is team statistics.” It is difficult to feel individual success when the team is not successful. So he thinks what else he can do to change it. With 30 or more minutes per game on ice: Really impossible.

It goes without saying that everyone would like to keep him in Heilbronn. “I’m not worrying about it anymore,” says Vruk, who will become a father for the first time in May. “We have already established nurseries.” Is that a positive sign? Probably, says Wake. However, attention is being paid to the weather at this time. And even though the current Dylan Vrac is good, “there’s always something to improve”.

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