Earthquake in Denmark! Queen Margaret revolutionized the monarchy

Earthquake in Denmark!  Queen Margaret revolutionized the monarchy

Essentials in a nutshell:

  • In late September, the Danish royal family published a much-talked-about press release
  • All four of Prince Joachim’s children will lose their titles at the end of the year
  • a step that Margaret really wanted to take much later

Earthquake in Denmark: Queen Margaret wants change

on 28 september, queen margrethe 82 Prince Joachim (53) Lose your title from January 1, 2023, For Nikolai (22), Felix (20), Heinrich (13) and athena (10) A blow. And also to Joachim and his wife Mary (46) Deep breach of trust. As the royal family thins, the Danish monarch, who has been on the throne since 1972, sees a lot of herself criticism faced. what though nothing changes in their plan,

What exactly is the mood behind the castle walls after the title was withdrawn, who has Margaret’s back and Joachim of Denmark may react differently to the news today than he did a few years ago – we’ll give you all of that” The Palace” explains in a new episode. Whispering”.

Joachim of Denmark: a royal rebel with bonuses in sympathy

After the title was withdrawn, it was not only affected the relationship between Margrethe and her younger son Joachim. The prince who now lives in France also turned away from his brother Fredrik (54) – heir to the throne – far and wide. According to Joachim himself, their relationship “complicated“. A fact that gains importance not only with the loss of the title. But suddenly people sympathize not only with the popular Frederick, but also with the outlandish Joachim. These details also appear in the new episode of “Palace Whisper”. Huh. “. Language.

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In the video you can find out why the Danish royal family in 2022 ever talked to,

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