Arcade Paradise: The developers today released an expansion for the 90s arcade management sim

Arcade Paradise: Entwickler veröffentlicht heute eine Erweiterung für die 90er-Jahre-Arcade-Management-Sim

Publisher Wired Productions and award-winning indie studio Nosebleed Interactive are releasing an expansion for the ’90s arcade management sim today. arcade paradise, Coin-Op Pack #1 features three brand new arcade cabinets and is the first of many new content to be added to the game over the next few months. In addition, the double disc with the soundtrack will be released today. arcade paradise,

Coin Op Adds Pack #1 arcade paradise three new games sympathy, smoke em And Cyberdance Euromix added. These are available as a bundle for €3.99 or individually for €1.99 each. New players can also get the main game in the sale starting today. wired store Where 10% discount is given on all items.

About Coin-op Pack #1


It’s time to climb the mountain and avoid the rocks thrown by the infidels. The longer you survive, the more points you earn. Leave loneliness behind. feel the unity. climb up how high can you get

smoke em

purpose. shoot. reload. Time to test your sniping skills in a race against time in this fun two-player shooting gallery.

Cyberdance Euromix

If you’re not on the list, you can’t go in. Thankfully, there’s Cyberdance Euromix, the sequel to rave-focused dance sensation Cyberdance – with improved graphics and next-gen widescreen. Pick a track and match your movements to the beat. The more rhythm you are in, the more points you get! Get ready to dance when your feet hurt. For one or two players.

Coin-Op Pack #1 is available as a bundle of €3.99 or individually for €1.99 each.

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arcade paradise The double disc features music by composer and producer Kieron Pepper (live drummer for Prodigy from 1997 to 2007), mastered by Bob Mack / Subvert and released by the video game music label. Black Razor Records Produced. The records come in a GetFgold sleeve featuring an original 8-bit design by David Sosella.

Audiences are transported to the early ’90s with skaters, reversers and sticky arcade carpets, a time when arcades ruled the world. The Double Disc is a lovingly crafted collector’s item, limited to 1000 eye-catching blue and pink copies. A digital soundtrack including bonus tracks is also included.

Of arcade paradise soundtrack is now in Wired Productions Store For £35.00 Available.

More information is available at on TwitterIn official discord and above Steam,

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