British Home Secretary Braverman: The Splitter

British Home Secretary Braverman: The Splitter

Status: 03.11.2022 3:20 PM

Suella Braverman is a proven fanatic when it comes to migration, and British Prime Minister Sunak wanted to unify the Tories with his appointment as Home Secretary. Now she disputes and divides as much as she can.

By Christoph Prossel, ARD Studio London

A heated debate over the government’s asylum policy took place in the House of Commons earlier this week. In an exchange of blows, Suella Braverman explained how she assesses the situation on the English Channel, where thousands of refugees have arrived in rubber boats from France this year: the British people have a right to know which party is serious about “invasion” to stop on the south coast, the interior minister said.

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The term “invasion” is defined as the advance of hostile military units into foreign territory. This sentence, which says much about the new interior minister, was a no-slip: Braverman sees it this way – no apology followed, despite his outspoken criticism of his own party.

Braverman disputes

Braverman is on the right wing of the Conservatives. Born in 1980, she is the daughter of Indian immigrants who came to England in the 1960s. The former Attorney General has been an MP since 2015. In 2017 and 2018 she was chair of the European Research Group (ERG) – a loose coalition of right-wing politicians within the Conservative bloc who want to implement Brexit and push the party to the right ever since.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak deliberately appointed his interior minister to engage the party’s right wing. After massive disputes in the party, he had plans to put together a cabinet that would unite the conservatives. It remains to be seen whether it succeeds with the new Home Minister.

Braverman polarizes, polarizes. In one debate, he blamed a “coalition of anarchy” for the fact that road traffic was disrupted as protesters were trapped. It’s Labour, the Liberal Democrats, tofu-eating, woke Guardian readers of north London to thank. The personnel who unite the party divide the country.

“She’s a disaster – get her out!” A protest poster against Suella Braverman reads in front of the British Parliament.

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many times criticized

Braverman wants to reduce the number of refugees, which Brexit supporters have repeatedly promised but failed to implement. Great Britain is the scene of a global migration crisis they have been rumored to be in for years. Braverman told the House of Commons that around 40,000 people came to southern England by boat this year. In European comparisons, it’s not much.

What is lost in all the populist rhetoric is that Braverman has no idea how to nail down that number. She hopes deportation flights to Rwanda will stop refugees from coming to Great Britain. These flights are suspended for legal reasons.

Braverman has now come under criticism for unstable conditions at housing for refugees arriving in Kent: facilities are overcrowded and officials are reporting disease outbreaks. The opposition accused the home minister of deliberately not booking any hotel or other accommodation. In addition, it would take a very long time for state officials to process asylum applications.

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