Sign Post Forest: Canada’s Whimsical Sign Post Forest

Sign Post Forest: Canada's Whimsical Sign Post Forest

The small town of Watson Lake in Canada has perhaps the most bizarre “forest” in the world. Because the “sign post forest” does not have trees, but signs in the name. The forest now exceeds 90,000 – it all started 80 years ago with a domestic soldier.

If you want proof of how much one moment can sometimes change the history of an entire place, all you need to do is visit tiny Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Here, on the Alaska border, is perhaps the strangest “forest” in the world. Because instead of trees, the “Sign Post Forest” has place name signs spread on the pillars. Signs of many, many place names. And all because 80 years ago a man was missing home.

because like them Yukon Official Tourist Destinations Reportedly, the “Sign Post Forest” has been in existence since 1942. Accordingly, Soldier Private Carl Lindley worked with other members of the Engineering Corps on the construction of the Alaska Highway. When he injured himself, he was tasked with repairing the old signpost. Thinking about his home in Danville, Illinois, Lindley made his own hand-drawn distance sign as a monument to the city. It said: Danville, Illinois, 4562 kms. He didn’t know what he would do with it.

Berlin, Hamburg and Nuremberg in Canada

Anyone can put their own sign in Sign Post OnePhoto: DPA Picture Alliance

Because soon others began to follow Lindley’s example and eventually Sign Post One was born. According to the site, in 1990, an Ohio couple was brought up “Yukon InfoThe ten thousandth sign was a big 50th anniversary party in 1992. Since then, the forest of signs has literally exploded,”Smithsonian Magazine“There have been over 90,000 performances from around the world. Berlin is represented in the district of Hamburg, Nuremberg or Ostprignitz-Rupin, along with the city of Kiritz.

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An employee of the Sign Post Forest Visitor Center told Smithsonian Magazine that the Sign Post Forest is believed to be the world’s largest collection of stolen goods. Because most of the city signs were certainly not bought, but were stolen before being re-placed here as a joke. And for a long time now, many visitors have attached not only place names, they can also find number plates or even toilet lids here. The local administration is responsible for ensuring that the forest of signs continues to grow.

Each visitor can add his own personal sign

sign post one
More than 90,000 place-name marks can be found in the Sign Post ForestPhoto: DPA Picture Alliance

Because every visitor who comes here can make their own sign with free handicraft materials. The visitor center also lends out hammers and nails so that guests can put up their own sign at Sign Post One. The Roadside Attraction is open from mid-May to mid-September each year, to keep the unique “forest” growing. The site now houses a 60-seat movie theater where visitors can learn about the construction of the Alaska Highway. Many exhibitions also testify to this.

By the way: in the year 2042, when the “Sign Post Forest” will be 100 years old, then there will be an event which is already decided. Then a time capsule is excavated, which was buried in 1992 to mark the 50th anniversary. And one thing is certain: the roughly 80,000 square meter area still has enough room for other place name signs from around the world.

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as well as the users of the portal tripadvisor Excited about “Sign Post Forest”: “It was fun walking around and finding places we knew,” says one: “I can’t believe people Came here from so many places to put a sign.” A third user said, “A noteworthy must-do location and stop value when driving down the Alaskan highway.”

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