Ice Hockey World Cup in ticker: Canada vs Switzerland

Ice Hockey World Cup in ticker: Canada vs Switzerland


Follow Switzerland’s games at the Ice Hockey World Championships live here in ticker.

Score Canada vs Switzerland



target 7′

20′play play

He led the Canadians three times, but Switzerland won three times and scored three more goals. What a game!

thompson Back in the gate.

Empty net target!

Timo Meier Takes advantage of the empty target.

Switzerland’s good boxplay game is also confirmed in this powerplay. Canadians can’t afford to miss a dangerous opportunity. Canada now plays with six outfield players.

16′2 minute fine 2 minute fine

Switzerland has been fined again. nico hishier Sent to the penalty box for delay in play.

Confederates win a striking number of face-offs. Icing may also occur at this stage of the game, as has just happened.

The Swiss escaped from Canada’s power play without scoring a goal. This was only the second penalty awarded to him in the game.

12′2 minute fine 2 minute fine

fines against switzerland

Jonas Siegenthaler The next goal was almost scored from within his own zone. goalkeeper thompson But feel very relieved.

No more Power Play goals for the Confederates.

8th’2 minute fine 2 minute fine

Penalty against Canada!

duBois Travel Ambuhali As in football and he has to pay a penalty of two minutes.

The atmosphere in the stadium should be captivating. It almost looks like a home world cup.


Leadership Expanded!

mistress And Sutter Pull together on target. Payas Suter Fake close and shot at the target.

canada shot bounce genoniAce schooner off and land right in hishierSpade. He pulls alone in front of the goal, but his shot is also blocked by the goalkeeper.

0′to start to start

Let’s move on to the third third! Can the Swiss take the lead over time?

20′break break

End of second third: The Canadians start this third furiously. But during a power play, the Swiss score the opening goals and free themselves from constant pressure from the world champions.

The game is gaining momentum again!

comtois The finish goes through his feet to the crossbar.

Switzerland nearly scored a fifth: Timo Meier can get pass from thompson Intercept and pass behind the gate. A defender blocks Canada’s blank goal.

moser Can bring the disc to the opponent’s goal twice. But the rebound can barely be used.

The game seems to be balancing again with the Swiss goal. It is no longer Canadians who are stuck in Swiss territory.

It will continue. The ice field has been repaired.

9′game interruption game interruption

Ice master has to fix holes in ice.


First tour is here!

Counting target this time nico hishier, Dean Cucano the blue line fits the disc perfectly and hishier Can end in target.

5′2 minute fine 2 minute fine

Penalty against Canada!

Jeff Anderson fulfills kurashevi With a stick in his face. The Swiss should be treated briefly.

At the start of this second third, the Canadians play more effectively and can always establish themselves in Swiss territory.

0′to start to start

It continues in the second third!


Balanced for the third time!

Jonas Siegenthaler Receives the disc after winning the face-off and scores.


Aim for Canada!

Canadians quickly move to Swiss territory due to unnecessary disc loss. batherson Score one against two for a win and the lead.

Canadians establish themselves in Swiss territory for the first time.


Ethics proved again!

The Swiss equalized immediately. cucano Waits and all Canadians leave. At the last moment he pulls away and hits the target.


Canadians surpassed the score!

Adam Lowry may be due to the error of mistress Takes advantage and pulls alone in front of the target. genoni hope to graduate, come out and Laurie Now there is no need to even shoot. The Swiss goalkeeper must have played a good gamble there.

14′2 minute fine 2 minute fine

Penalties against Canada: batherson fulfills mistress Check on the knee and go to the penalty box.


Response is immediate!

Michael Fora can rebound maieruse shot. His long range shot misses several players and is decisively directed into the top corner.


Aim for Canada!

kent johnson shoots from behind the target genoni And the disc lands in the target.

10′2 minute fine 2 minute fine

fines against canada

maier Provokes his opponent until he attacks and has to go to the penalty box.

Goal doesn’t matter!

The Canadian coach faced the challenge and won. The referee’s team decides that the goalkeeper has control of the disc and hishierAbortion was illegal.

Goa’ul Nico Hisier shoots 1:0!

goalkeeper thompson Cannot control disc. hishier is there and pushes him over the line.

huge savings from leonardo genoni,

The Swiss goalkeeper extends his catching hand and catches the disc. So far the Swiss boxing game is going well.

Big opportunity for Switzerland!

Forum The Canadian could end dangerously with a shorthand shot during the powerplay. Unfortunately, the disc doesn’t find its way into the trap.

4′a punishment a punishment

The game’s first penalty!

check from Timo Meier causes agitation. Because he checks his rival very quickly in front of the gang. He gets five minutes but can return to the game after that.

Good chance for Switzerland!

burtsky Subtract from the blue line. Sherway Cannot convert rebound.

First degree in Switzerland!

Timo Meier Closes on goal for the first time, but the Canadian goalkeeper is on the spot.

0′to start to start

Let’s go to the cracker against Canada!

This is a very special game for Andres Anbuhl, as he equaled the record for most World Cup games played today. congratulation!

Welcome to today’s world cup cracker between Switzerland and Canada. The first hurdle has already been overcome: Switzerland is in quarter final, But today he meets Hockey Power Canada. The goal of this nation is; To defend his title. But the Swiss have something against this year as well. Follow the game here in Ticker!

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