Education channel to become ARD-alpha Knowledge Portal

Education channel to become ARD-alpha Knowledge Portal

Munich. ARD is examining the expansion of its ARD-alpha education channel into its multimedia knowledge and education portal. The director of Bavarian Radio, Katja Wildermuth, said in an interview with “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday), there was great interest in public service broadcasting to better present and bundle its offers on education, knowledge and science across all channels. Is.

“ARD-alpha can be developed as a central network of related ARD content across institutions and in conjunction with well-known partners from the education and science sectors,” Wildermuth said. “According to our ideas, ARD-alpha can develop into a multimedia educational and knowledge proposition.” The TV education channel ARD-alpha was initially launched as BR-alpha in the late 1990s under the leadership of BR.

As a concrete first step, the German astronaut Mathias Maurer’s space flight on October 30 will not only be specialized in a linear program, but will also have an online focus. An evening program earlier in November will feature an in-depth offering on the network at for the ARD program “Eight before Knowledge – Earth”.

Close cooperation to save cost

Wildermuth spoke in favor of even closer collaboration between ARD broadcasters in administration and IT to save costs. “We cannot and do not want to do without a regional footprint, but what happens in the back office and technology can move even closer together,” she told “FAZ”. However, there are still restrictions under competition law and tax law that make close collaboration even more difficult.

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When founding the ARD cultural forum, Wildermuth no longer ruled out that BR would still be involved. His predecessor, Ulrich Wilhelm, refused to do so because of concerns regarding the debate over the radio license fee.


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According to Wildermuth, the concept will be presented to ARD directors in the next few months. Similar to ARD-alpha, it is correct to bundle ARD’s cultural content in this way. “I’m excited about the concept. The Culture Portal will definitely come, then we’ll see if there will be a BR. Wildermuth just switched from MDR to BR at the start of the year as the new director.

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