Emirates ad on Burj Khalifa: These hostess recordings are real

Emirates ad on Burj Khalifa: These hostess recordings are real
You can see in the video: Flight attendant standing on Burj Khalifa – is the unbelievable ad really real?

This ad is not for the faint hearted.

An Emirates flight attendant stands atop Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Fantastic advertising causes question marks for many viewers.

They want to know whether the hostess really stood at a height of 828 meters.

Because in the age of explaining digital effects, it is not always possible to tell whether a video is real or created on a computer.

Were the spectacular clips created with the help of digital special effects – or are they actually actual recordings?

The airline itself ensures clarity with a video on Instagram: The breathtaking shots were actually taken on the Burj Khalifa.

Emirates is releasing a making-off video of the filming, showing the safety precautions and giving users a behind-the-scenes look at the ad.

“Real or fake? Many people have asked this question and we are here to answer it.” – Emirates, Instagram

The case makes it clear: At a time when tampered and genuine video can no longer be clearly distinguished, authentic recordings are sometimes viewed with skepticism – especially when they are so spectacular.

How do we check videos for manipulation in the editorial office? It is important to take a look at the details. Individual frames of a video often reveal whether a video has been edited or not. We take a closer look at each picture and enlarge the individual sections. There are signs of a fake, for example: lack of motion blur, unnatural shadows or cutting errors. Strictly speaking, the general rule is: seriousness over speed. We always check facts and material carefully before publishing it. To do this, we work with a cross-editorial “verification team” with RTL, NTV, RTL2 and Radio NRW.

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