Emmanuel Macron is losing approval – Le Pen is holding up

Emmanuel Macron is losing approval - Le Pen is holding up

Shortly before the French presidential election, it gets exciting: incumbent President Emmanuel Macron loses approval in the elections. Right-wing populist Le Pen draws dangerously close to him.

The presidential election campaign in France will get exciting shortly before the first round on Sunday. difference between incumbents during elections Emmanuel Macron and right-wing populists Marine Le Pen Left-wing populists see themselves as low Jean-Luc Melenchon Already in runoff. “There is a very high chance that I can do it,” Melenchon told Radio Sud on Tuesday.

“Macron-Le Pen will not exist,” he said with conviction. Melenchon wants to use holograms to advertise his candidacy in a dozen places at the same time. According to the iFop fiduciary poll on Monday, Melanchon is in third place with a further 15.5 per cent. Accordingly, macros come at 27.5 per cent. Right-wing populist Marine Le Pen is 22 percent. Macron lost half a point in a week, while Le Pen gained one.

Le Pen and Macron together in the election

In a Monday poll by the Harris Interactive Institute for the April 24 run-off, Macron was close with 51.5 and Le Pen with 48.5 points. Allowing an error of about three points, this could mean a possible victory for Le Pen in the second round. In recent elections, however, Le Pen’s party has performed consistently worse than expected. More than 30 percent of the French are still unable to decide who to vote for.

Le Pen aims to end his election campaign on Thursday in Perpignan, the largest city led by his party’s mayor. In an interview on Tuesday, he reaffirmed his intention to amend the constitution to give French privileges in the allocation of jobs and housing.

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