Epic Game Shop: Strategy Hit is now available for free!

Epic Game Shop: Strategy Hit is now available for free!

We have arrived again on Thursday evening – and with it a new free PC game for you in the Epic Games Store. This time it is a strategy hit.

Last left Epic Games Store When you watched the action blockbuster in the last seven days, listen Star Wars: Battlefront II Free Electronic Arts for PC. The promotion was so popular and successful that even EA’s game servers temporarily collapsed under attack.

Like every Thursday, a new free offer has started today – and this time there is reason for strategists to be happy. So now you can make turn-based strategy games Galactic Civilizations III Safe without any expense. You only need an account in the Epic Games store to permanently claim the full version for you.

In the sci-fi title you can control the fate of various races including not only humans, but drengin or valerian. Each faction has its own story, technique tree, ship components, and more. The bottom line is that you get a lot of different options to master the sci-fi strategy title.

The game is available for free from next week until January 28, 2021, before a new offer resumes next week. It will again be Dandara: Trial of Fear Edition. The less well-known title is a 2D platformer with Matadorvania influences. The Brazilian development studio was responsible for the development of Long Hat House.

Galactic Civilizations III – Update 2.3 Overview Trailer

This video gives you an overview of the new features in the update to version 2.3 for Galactic Civilizations III.

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