WhatsApp message created chaos! Get rid of it right away

WhatsApp message created chaos!  Get rid of it right away

WhatsApp message created chaos! Get rid of it right away

This is whatsapp

We take a look at Germany’s most popular instant messenger: WhatsApp.

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note! Users of WhatsApp Now mind is needed. A particularly devious scam is once again circulating on the popular news service.

Cyber ​​experts are now warning of substandard scams WhatsApp And explain how users should behave in this regard.

Whatsapp: you should never reply to this message

WhatsApp users should definitely prepare for this:

According to “Mercur.de” reports, a new malicious app has been spreading through the Messenger service for a few weeks.

WhatsApp users should be asked in a message to download this malware on their smartphone.


This is whatsapp:

  • The instant messaging service was founded in 2009 in Santa Clara, USA by Jan Koum and Brian Acton
  • In 2014, Facebook Inc. bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion
  • The application is available for all common operating systems: Android. IOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Beta testing of WhatsApp business started in Germany on 25 January 2018
  • WhatsApp Payment is currently available only to users in India, but will soon be available in other countries as well.
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“Download this application and win a smartphone” – if you get this message through WhatsApp, be careful with it.

A link is sent in the message, through which you can download the said app. But you definitely should not do this!

Whatsapp: one click on link may end badly

After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to a fake Google Play Store that looks basically stunning.

As soon as you download the alleged app on your smartphone, you will not get a contest, as promised, but malicious malware that spreads through WhatsApp to your entire cell phone.

Result: It may happen that you spy as a WhatsApp user or your data is stolen. In addition, the malware gains access to all your WhatsApp messages and forwards malicious links to your WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp: Experts Advise – How You Can Protect Yourself From Scam

How “Mercur.de“The report, security expert ESET malware researcher Lucas Stefanco, warned of the scam in a YouTube video.

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According to him, it is advisable to update the WhatsApp messenger service regularly to prevent this nasty scam.

Experts also recommend that every smartphone owner should download a security app on their mobile phone. He mentions the anti-phishing app “Identity Guard” as an example.

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