35,000 pedestrians, 7,000 buildings, no play

35,000 pedestrians, 7,000 buildings, no play

The tech demo for The Matrix Awakens was first announced this Monday, and starting Thursday Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X/S owners are able to try out the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo for themselves. In parallel, Epic Games has also published a report on the technology of the demo, which is quite impressive.

No gameplay, but great graphics

Technical Demo, which is a . available as The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience was released, which aims to outline the graphical possibilities of the new Unreal Engine 5. To this end, Epic Games has created an open world city based on the Matrix movies, which is supposed to feature as realistic a simulation as possible. According to Epic Games, the game world was procedurally generated in Houdini 3D software, which independently handles the location and configuration of roads and buildings based on certain specifications and thus can significantly reduce the workload.

According to the report, the city was built from a total of seven million properties, many of which certainly occur more than once. For example, Epic Games talks about 27,848 street lights and 12,422 sewer shafts. In addition, the city is said to have 45,073 parked cars, of which 38,146 can be driven. A total road stretch of 260 km with a total of 1,248 intersections is available for this purpose.

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As already mentioned, Unreal Engine 5 is used for rendering NPCs and items. Here Epic Games sheds light on the rendering techniques already known lumen And Nanite Simultaneously use temp super resolution emerged. The end result is impressive: Matrix Tech Demo’s graphics are successful. Compared to the “real” Matrix, the possibilities in the tech demo are very limited, as there are no gameplay elements and therefore hardly any interaction with NPCs or other city elements.

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Players can roam the city and get in a few cars to drive with them, but the demo remains a pure exploration tour. For example, the police don’t react to car theft, and if you drive your car through an NPC, they disappear for a short time instead of responding appropriately. Apparently no similar elements are planned for the future, The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience Will probably remain a pure tech demo.

They: unreal engine Via eurogamer

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