WhatsApp: 66 million Germans affected by new actions for 2022

WhatsApp: 66 million Germans affected by new actions for 2022

A lot is going to change in WhatsApp in 2022. In addition to the long-awaited change, new functions for voice messages should also inspire users.

Munich – Messenger Service WhatsApp Extremely popular around the world over the years. Even in Germany, many smartphone owners use the app to communicate with friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

According to the “Digital 2021 Germany Report”, WeAreSocial And Hootsuite Published in January 2021, WhatsApp is the leading social media platform in Germany. A total of 79.6 percent of Germans used it – which corresponds to about 66 million people out of a total population of 83 million.

WhatsApp’s new features for 2022: Update allows Facebook-like emoji reactions

In the year 2022, new features of WhatsApp will come for such a large number of users. according to portal WABetaInfo.com The update should make the use of WhatsApp more enjoyable for users in several ways. We have summarized the most important new functions.

so want WhatsApp In the future, it will be possible, among other things, to directly react to individual messages in a chat via emoji. Previously, in this case, you had to compose a new message, including an emoji. Direct emoji reaction has been popular with social media users for years Facebook (“like-thumbs”) or instagram (like per heart) known. Now WhatsApp also wants to give this option.

WhatsApp is introducing new features in 2022.

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In addition, the user experience when sending pictures should also improve. Until now, the quality of pictures when sent via WhatsApp has been greatly reduced – their data size was automatically reduced due to the default setting in the app. That’s why some user hesitates to forward their photos and snapshots through messaging service. But that should be the end of the new update.

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In future, all WhatsApp users will be able to choose the image quality with which they want to send their photos. There are three options to choose from: “Automatic”, “Best Quality” or “Data Saving Mode”.

New Features of WhatsApp: Listen to voice messages outside the chat and press the Pause button

Many WhatsApp users now prefer to use the voice function to send their messages. Especially when no hand is free to type. And here too, it should be more comfortable. In the previous WhatsApp version, you had to listen to a voice message in the respective chat and could not leave it. Otherwise the associated voice message stopped immediately. With the new update, you will be able to continue listening to voice messages and switch to another chat at the same time.

The WhatsApp update also makes it easier to record voice messages. At the end there is a pause button. This allows you to interrupt the recorded voice message, but save what has been said up to that point. Initiated voice messages can be finalized and sent later without any problems.

WhatsApp’s new features for 2022: Group chats can be merged

In addition, the most important changes in WhatsApp for 2022 affect group chats as well. A new community should make it possible to combine multiple group chats under one roof. This will make it easier for administrators to manage. Various group chats could then communicate with each other.

Users should be careful while using WhatsApp in future. because: if you does something specific, the account will be suspended, (b) tz.de there is an offer from ippn.media

List of Rubrics: © Christoph Durnbach / DPA

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