Character Editor Boss Factory to release on June 9

Character Editor Boss Factory to release on June 9

From Alexander Neu ,
On June 9, 2022, the pre-launch character editor for the Saints Row reboot will appear alongside the “Boss Factory” app, so to speak. This allows the player character to be created before release and transferred to the game on the day of release. Boss Factory should be available for free – no wonder.

A reboot of the over-the-top action game Saints Row won’t be released until August 23. However, if you wish, you can create your own player character through an app on your smartphone starting June 9th. The tool in question is known as Boss Factory and, despite its initial release date, is said to provide access to all of the features of the character editor included in Saints Row, including asymmetric face customization. This information comes from professional leaker Tom Henderson, who published the relevant article on the exporter placed.

character design with voting

In order to be able to securely access players’ mobile phones, publisher Deep Silver is trying to make Boss Factory more attractive with additional functions. For example, unique release codes can be created for characters that can be shared with others – recipients can download related game characters and use them themselves. It should work on all platforms. In addition, the “Hall of Fame” and “Creators’ Corner” areas may vote for the best character designs. Of course, use of both the app and the game requires a player profile on the official Saints Row website.

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The original Saints Row was based largely on the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto and was released in September 2006. The sequel Saints Row 2 (2008) also clearly followed the path of the “big” Rock Star action game. The series went its own way with only the third part evolving into a full-fledged top action spectacle. This course continued with Saints Row 4, which was originally planned as the DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

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