The Workflow Masters – Galaxy Book2 Pro Series in the Everyday Shooting Routine of Photographers and Videographers – Samsung Newsroom India

The Workflow Masters - Galaxy Book2 Pro Series in the Everyday Shooting Routine of Photographers and Videographers - Samsung Newsroom India

Photographers and videographers need the best equipment for their photos and videos – thanks to high-quality cameras, a wide range of lenses and the right lighting, high-resolution images are created that inspire. But the job isn’t done with shooting alone – at least not for those who are serious about it. Because their work continues wherever the camera stops. Post-production on a notebook is what used to take hours in the darkroom to do. Simply cool, fast and mobile – if the device is right for it: The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro series proves to be the perfect companion for creative professionals.

We are all hungry for pictures. Pin-sharp images of fine subjects. in high resolution. with bright colors. If possible, we want the first review to happen during shooting – with the actors: what inspires, what is edited, what is thrown out? Quickly review files from camera, to notebook, to screen! On Galaxy Book2 Pro, shots are bright, clear and large so you can immediately see what matters. An experience – alone or in a team.

Thanks to seamless compatibility across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, an additional display can be easily added using the “Second Screen” feature1 associate. For example, in addition to the AMOLED display of the Galaxy Book 2 Pro series, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series can be easily connected wirelessly.

Full transparency even with dozens of data

After the shoot, the drive is full of files – you quickly backed up data, moved and renamed files during a short break, but then they suddenly disappeared? Samsung knows that docks and reels are the most important raw materials for a photographer’s and videographer’s career. With Samsung File Tracker, files can be sorted by time and date. File history, which can be sorted by creation or modification date, provides clarity. Content can also be structured using tags. With key wording, data management becomes fast, accurate and efficient.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro makes you feel right at home. Thanks to One UI, everyone can quickly find their way around on Samsung devices. The apps and interface on the Galaxy Book2 Pro series follow the same design language as the entire Galaxy ecosystem, including smartphones, foldables and wearables. But Samsung goes even a step further. Not only does the renowned design enhance the efficiency and convenience of the device’s workflow, it also enhances connectivity. Via “Quick Share”2 Files can be shared with colleagues in no time after shooting. Whether for post-production, for social media managers* for content creation or with models: files can be shared quickly with one click – for everyone without a Samsung device, sharing is as easy as sharing a link Works just as quick and easy.

Those who are mobile also need a mobile device

Where the shutter fell or the film ran out when the light was low, now everything depends on the battery. Samsung specializes in mobile working. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro can continuously analyze CPU load and usage status. One advantage: an automatic switch between optimized mode and sleep mode depending on the environment and task type. Freedom instead of a socket thanks to up to 21 hours of battery life.3 Photographers and videographers can save, view and edit files throughout the work day and edit them on the way home.

If you own professional camera equipment and lighting, a bulky PC is an added burden. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro weighs little and can do a lot. It is also so good in appearance that there is no need to hide it from any model. After all, someone who cultivates professional aesthetics with motifs and actors in front of the camera also expects his notebook to have a graceful appearance.

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1 Second Screen is only available on select Galaxy tablet models, including the Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S7+, Tab S7 FE, Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra.
2 Available on Galaxy devices with One UI 2.1 or later installed. Quick Share uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi.
3 Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.

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